Industrial manufacturing process developments

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The factories of the future and industrial change involve on-demand and additive manufacturing. At VTT, we can help specialized, modern manufacturers to find and maintain the competitive edge for finding customers far into the future.

Future manufacturing can be divided into base technologies and digital manufacturing, which involves a high degree of freedom of design. Products can be designed in effective design environments and produced in locations that are logistically most suitable. Manufacturing will be eco-efficient and on-demand.

Industrial change towards additive manufacturing has begun. Products in digital form are turned into merchandise.

Industrial change towards additive manufacturing has begun. Manufacturing products directly from computer models is increasing and becoming more versatile. Tailored materials enable new features, and products in digital form are turned into merchandise.

VTT can help in the development of manufacturing processes and materials, the utilization of additive and digital manufacturing and in boosting the operations of factories and networks. We can also be part of new co-creation value networks in the manufacturing industry.

VTT’s services cover an extensive range of product and production development services, including cost effectiveness. The elements of productivity and profitability are always included in our objectives.  

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Sini Rytky
Sini Rytky
Solution Sales Lead, Cognitive Production Industry