Quantum technology

The quantum revolution has begun. VTT helps organisations that develop quantum technologies in scaling up, integrating, and interfacing devices towards profitable business cases. We master and mix superconducting, photonic, and semiconducting technology platforms.

Key facts: quantum technology

Quantum technology will revolutionise for instance sensors, chemistry, finance, and AI.

We have unique in-house technologies for multi- and cross-platforms: superconductors, semiconductors, and silicon photonics. 

We provide a rapid route from R&D to small-scale industrial production for integrated quantum technology.

Quantum technology promises revolutionary use cases in sensors, chemistry, finance, and AI. However, the performance of quantum devices is still to be improved for most practical applications. You may be struggling with excess losses in quantum chips, scaling to higher-complexity circuits or control, or low signal-to-noise in your readout. 

VTT has a solution at hand, based on decades of experience in low-temperature electronics and silicon photonics. VTT’s excellence in quantum technology has been verified by being in three European Quantum Technology Flagship projects and in the national Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology (QTF).

We make quantum devices and systems work

VTT has unique in-house technologies for the following platforms and their combinations: superconducting, photonic, and semiconducting devices. We provide a rapid route from research to small-scale industrial production, with a decades long track record in commercializing cutting edge technology like superconducting sensors.

Superconducting circuits are being developed at industrial scale with the wafer size approaching 200 mm. VTT has processes for the fabrication and measurement of coplanar waveguide resonators above a quality factor of a million which can be utilised together with high-coherence superconducting qubits. Our niobium Josephson junction process has been used to make near-quantum-limited microwave amplifiers with gigahertz bandwidth. VTT is developing scalable techniques for 3D chip integration such as superconducting through-silicon vias and flip-chip bonding.

We want to be the leading foundry for producing quantum chips and providing services that make quantum computing possible in practice.

Photonics in silicon waveguides have been extensively developed at VTT. VTT can offer a low loss silicon photonic platform for industrial and R&D customers through open-access multi-project wafer runs. This technology platform is being integrated with cryogenic environments and superconducting circuits, especially in relation to the control of single-flux quantum logic.

Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology has been demonstrated at VTT in production of semiconducting quantum dots for quantum metrology and spin qubits. It also is a basis for cryogenic classical electronics (cryo-CMOS), which is a key quantum enabling technology.

VTT scientists working on quantum computer

Unique quantum expertise

We provide the following services: fabrication, process development, device modelling and design, device and systems characterisation, quantum metrology, quantum control solutions including 3D integration, and thermal engineering. 

VTT will become a leading foundry to produce quantum chips and to provide the full spectrum of quantum services including quantum computing and its practical use cases. We provide complex, multidisciplinary, and 3D integrated cryogenic quantum devices and communicate with them from room temperature with an optical interface. These will revolutionise several business areas such as finance, chemistry, and security.

The Quantum Advantage

In these videos, we will show how quantum computing will change the nature of business. Find out how you can transform your business to be ready for quantum advantage!

Piia Konstari

Piia Konstari

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Himadri Majumdar