Design zero-emission transport systems with VTT Smart eFleet service

VTT Smart eFleet makes it possible to design smart, reliable and cost-efficient transport systems for diverse operational environments such as public transportation, freight and logistics or utility services.

Key facts about our VTT Smart efleet service

A system-level plan and a cost forecast for redesigning the transport system

Analysed scenarios for zero-emission transportation to support the tendering of route electrification and the planning of charging infrastructure

All plans compliant with the adopted policies and requirements at city level

With the VTT Smart eFleet service, you can plan and deploy optimal zero-emission vehicle fleets. The service takes into consideration everything from road topography and charging options to constraints to vehicle types and their specific service scenarios. The service is fully compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

VTT Smart eFleet supports the implementation of zero-emission zone roadmaps and the deployment of cost-oriented green transport solutions.

VTT has a very good understanding of key vehicle qualities and route optimisation. Collaborating with VTT ensured Santiago wasn’t deploying buses without knowledge on how they would perform.
Sebastián Galarza, Transport & energy sector lead at CMM

Common challenges with electric transportation system design

Transportation systems face many challenges when it comes to complying with the latest emission regulations. According to our studies, when starting to plan their transportation system transformation, most cities need to find answers to these three questions:

1) How to meet the ambitious targets for lower emissions and higher energy efficiency?

To meet the ambitious goals and zero emission targets, change is inevitable for cities. Simulation-based analyses support the transition process and enable cities to become greener while complying with the latest regulations.

2) What is the best technological and economical solution for our specific needs?

Currently, there are many technologies available to choose from, and the pace of development is faster than ever before. But how to find a solution that fulfils all operation, regulation and infrastructure constrains and is just right for a specific service scenario? VTT can help you choose the right technology based on scenario simulations and analysis, thus ensuring the optimal, cost-efficient operation of your fleet.

3) How to maintain reliability and improve customer experience of zero emission systems?

Problems with reliability and customer experience can cause severe harm to transport systems and create losses for the operation. These problems can be avoided with careful planning based on scenario simulation and with the optimisation of zero-emission vehicle fleets.


The VTT Smart eFleet service increases predictability and ensures the successful transformation of any transport system.

What is the VTT Smart eFleet service about?

The VTT Smart eFleet service includes techno-economical evaluations and enables the optimal sizing and dimensioning of vehicle systems. With VTT Smart eFleet, you can analyse any geographical operating environment while considering various vehicle technologies and infrastructure practicalities. The service can be scaled up modularly.

VTT Smart eFleet is built on decades of research experience, and it leverages VTT’s experimental technology platforms and technical data.

VTT Smart eFleet customer references

Centro Mario Molina

Centro Mario Molina used the VTT Smart eFleet toolbox to create a Santiago-specific drive cycle that optimises fleet electrification for Santiago’s infrastructure and conditions. The optimised electric bus fleet is cost-efficient, reduces pollution and has created a standard for future investments on electric buses in Chile.


Electric buses offer a way for HSL to reach its emissions goals, but fleet renewal requires careful planning. HSL used the VTT Smart eFleet toolbox to optimise the planning of routes and infrastructure along with the vehicle purchases. The toolbox has significantly increased the energy efficiency of HSL’s fleet while cutting emissions.


Nysse traffic took advantage of VTT Smart eFleet simulation service in preliminary studies for electrification and examined alternatives to electrification. The solution is intended to support the planning of the electrification of public transport and the related decision-making.

Heikki Rajasalo

Heikki Rajasalo

Solution Sales Lead
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Yancho Todorov

Senior Scientist
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