Cyber security

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Every modern business needs to think about cyber security and find new ways to prepare their organisation and their customers for cyber risks. VTT helps businesses improve their cyber preparedness and develop efficient solutions for dealing with cyber risks. 

Key facts

Every business needs to think about cyber security, and new threats are emerging all the time. 

VTT helps businesses incorporate cyber security into their planning, implementation and testing processes. 

Cyber security can open up new business opportunities. 

Looking after cyber security has become a must. We all – consumers, businesses and employees – have a role to play. Almost every business has digital products or services, and many use cloud services, software, hardware and telecommunications. Cyber security can be managed by identifying threats and analysing their impact, by preparing for the threats and by planning and practising procedures in the event that a threat materialises. 

Cyber security threats are often described in terms of warfare. Information networks and digital environments are described as battlefields where new kinds of cyber threats, such as fraud, espionage and hybrid attacks take place. We at VTT see cyber security differently: as a fundamental requirement for societies and organisations, similar to public health and health care. 

From product testing to critical infrastructure protection

VTT has a solid background in solving cyber security challenges in several different industries, such as the energy and telecommunications sectors. We find the best solutions from ensuring the security of consumer products to protecting critical infrastructure. VTT has helped customers and partners to protect their systems and find new business opportunities in cyber security.  

Ideally, industrial operators can partner up and learn about cyber security from each other. 

Our research promotes, for example, secure mobile and software platforms, information security measurement, encryption, user authentication, information security testing and cyber exercises. We can also come up with solutions that satisfy privacy requirements. We produce precommercial versions and provide consultancy. 

Cyber security programmes and testing environments

We design scalable cyber security development programmes to fend off cyber security attacks of near-epidemic proportions. Designing, developing and testing systems and new products with information security in mind can help to prevent many problems.  

Information security breaches and faults in critical systems are also a growing problem in the public sector, such as in hospitals. VTT helps businesses to improve their cyber preparedness and develop efficient solutions for dealing with cyber risks. 

VTT’s commercial Cyber War Room security laboratory and our 5G pilot networks and testing environments expedite tangible experiments and provide new information about the performance and security of innovations. VTT is a multi-disciplinary organisation and therefore has strong segment-specific know-how and solutions for special challenges as well. 

We participate in both national and international joint projects. We also engage in bilateral commercial product development and innovation cooperation, as many of our partners want to keep their worries and concerns secret.