Watch our panel discussion: How to make Finland a global leader in sustainable growth?


Watch the discussion about the fields of exponential hope and Finland’s road to a fantastic future. The video is only available in Finnish at the moment.

Do we dare to imagine something better than a return to an outdated normal? Which technologies should we invest in now to create a more hopeful future? Will sustainable growth be built with quantum technology, biotechnical food or chemical recycling?

Watch the video

The future, economy and hope were at the forefront in the live stream on 2 September and it can now be viewed as a recording below. The panel discussion features Emilia Kullas (EVA), Risto Murto (Varma), Mårten Mickos (HackerOne), Leena Mörttinen (VM), Risto Siilasmaa (F-Secure) and Antti Vasara (VTT), and was hosted by Anu Partanen.