VTT’s and Saab’s cooperation is further expanding with million-euro investment


VTT’s and Saab’s joint efforts are further expanding after Saab is investing one million euro into strategic cooperation with VTT. This investment for 2021‒2022 will provide an excellent opportunity for cooperation and innovation. The investment supports the innovations in the field of critical security of supply technologies set out in the Research Framework Agreement signed between Saab and VTT in June 2019.

VTT has worked with Saab for several years on many cutting-edge technologies, including projects focusing on aircraft materials, joints, sub-assembly tests, additive material applications and radar studies. 

The collaboration includes several projects developing advanced aircraft electronics, next generation sensor and quantum technology, aircraft structures’ endurance, new manufacturing methods and augmented reality functionality. Some of the projects have started.

“Finland is one of the countries that has top experts in fields that are important to us. For this reason, Saab has been investing heavily in expanding its operations in Finland over the last years. The mutually beneficial cooperation with VTT further expands the ecosystem of our local R&D activities, bringing world-class competence to the development systems and additional resources for innovation work in Finland”, says Jonas Hjelm, Vice-President and Head of Business Area Aeronautics.

“Working with Saab, one of the world’s leading defence and security companies, puts us at the forefront of developing and maintaining critical technologies. Together we can develop cutting-edge strategic capabilities that create value in the Nordic region as well as globally,” comments VTT’s President and CEO Antti Vasara.

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Aslak Siljander
Aslak Siljander
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