VTT and Saab expand co-operation in the security of supply of critical technologies

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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Saab have signed a framework agreement with the aim to strengthen research co-operation in mutually interesting technology areas, thereby ensuring security of supply of critical technologies.​

Identified technologies include materials and sensors that are critical across Saab's product portfolio. While Saab and VTT have been working together for a number of years, the recently signed agreement further strengthens this co-operation. Planned activities include bilateral research projects and joint participation in European research projects. The collaboration further strengthens Saab's research and development in Finland, where the cornerstones have been the strategic research partnership with Aalto University and the R&D center, Saab Technology Center, in Tampere.

- We can see that VTT has an excellent portfolio of critical technologies with a great match with Saab's business. We are also very impressed by the great can-do attitude among the VTT researchers. Through the collaboration with VTT, Saab will further strengthen its cutting-edge technological expertise in sensors and materials. Our sensor and material technology is top class, and we want to remain continuously ahead in the field", says Pontus de Laval, Chief Technology Officer of Saab.

- VTT is obligated by law to ensure security of supply during times of crisis, thus we are continuously strengthening Finland's security of supply by maintaining and developing our own strategic capabilities in critical technologies. The co-operation with Saab, one of the world leading security and defence companies, is an excellent opportunity for us as an  international co-operation provides us with an opportunity to further develop our defence technology capabilities", says VTT's CEO Antti Vasara.


Aslak Siljander
Aslak Siljander
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