VTT increasingly attractive workplace for technology professionals

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VTT achieved excellent results in a survey about reputation and employer image, carried out by T-Media. VTT scored 3.81 for total reputation among all technology professionals, and 4.0 among university students in this field.

VTT’s reputation and employer image have continued their positive development since the previous survey, conducted in 2017.  The total reputation was now 3.81 on a scale from 1 to 5. In 2017, it was 3.58.  

The total reputation was evaluated on eight dimensions: workplace, responsibility, governance, financial performance, products and services, leadership, dialogue, and innovation. VTT improved its scores for each of these, reaching at least good level in all dimensions. The best score (4.20) was given for responsibility.


Meaningful work is appealing

The survey had a special focus on employer image: to which extent is the company considered a good employer that treats its employees well and fairly. Here, VTT received an overall score of 3.80 from all the responders, while in 2017 the score was 3.44. 

The employer image was measured with six components: atmosphere, interesting tasks, career opportunities, salary level, security, and meaningfulness of work. VTT got the highest scores for meaningful work (4.37) and interesting tasks (4.29).

VTT was especially successful among the university students of technology. This group gave VTT an overall score of 4.0 for reputation. For responsibility, VTT scored 4.47 among this group, and for meaningful work 4.55. Of all the surveyed groups, potential employees gave VTT the highest scores.

Versatile tasks solving the greatest challenges of our time

VTT has carried out active work to develop employer image during the last years

For example, we have investigated what our employees appreciate about their work at VTT and highlighted these topics in our recruitment communications. We have also shared diverse stories about our employees using social media. We have gained visibility among the students with our new VTT Summer of Changemakers trainee program, which emphasizes the possibility to work with the greatest global challenges of our time and to help solve them.
Mari Kattilamäki, Team Leader at VTT’s Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding
Technology professionals are an important group for VTT. Last year, clearly more than half of our new employees belonged to this group. In future, we will continue to offer versatile, interesting and meaningful positions for example in quantum technology, biotechnology and in renewable, smart energy solutions.
Iris Lagerström, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Digitalisation, Analytics and Mobility at VTT

T-Media conducted this wide survey electronically between March, 17 and May, 17, 2021. Altogether 3171 people took the survey, and 1872 of them were technology professionals. VTT was evaluated more thoroughly by a total of 201 technology professionals.

VTT focuses on applied research that helps to solve challenges faced by VTT’s partnering companies and the entire world. This work is carried out in close cooperation with companies, research institutes and other Finnish and international partners. VTT’s versatile, interdisciplinary working environment offers interesting possibilities for professionals in different fields. If you are interested in these possibilities, follow our announcements in our career page and in LinkedIn.