VTT begins search for innovation partner for scaling up Finland’s next quantum computer towards 300 qubits

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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland begins searching for an innovation partner to scale up Finland’s next quantum computer, aiming towards 300 qubits. In the innovative co-development project, VTT will also be researching methods for how the developed quantum computer can be optimised for solving mathematical problems typical for new material development.

ESPOO, Finland (June 18th, 2024) The Finnish state has committed to finance the procurement of Finland’s next quantum computer.

The state-owned VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland thus begins a tendering process to look for a partner with whom to begin an innovative co-development project that will scale up the country’s most powerful quantum computer towards 300 qubits.

With its current innovation partner, VTT has developed 5- and 20-qubit quantum computers. The third and final quantum computer, with 50 qubits, included in current the partnership will be launched later in 2024.

The new public call for tenders covers co-development between VTT and the new innovation partner toward computers with higher qubit numbers and increased performance. With the procurement, VTT strives to strengthen Finland’s leading position in developing quantum technologies.

To gain a competitive advantage for Finland in the quantum computing field, VTT will examine, together with the selected partner, whether it is possible to optimise the quantum computer to solve specific types of mathematical problems.

VTT has unique expertise in computer-aided materials design, which can be used to accelerate the development cycles of many technologies. This is why we are looking for an innovation partner with whom we can explore optimising the quantum computer particularly for materials modelling. We are convinced that specialisation promotes technological innovations and creates an extensive array of new opportunities for Finnish industry, for example, within the field of chemistry applications and bio-based innovations. This strategy will strengthen our competitiveness and help us differentiate ourselves even more in the global market through our expertise,” says Antti Vasara, President and CEO of VTT.

The procurement is limited to superconducting quantum computers. This technology option best matches VTT’s research agendas and supports VTT’s already strong and versatile expertise in the development of superconductive quantum technologies. The procurement also aims to create and acquire new immaterial rights related to quantum technologies for Finland.

The future partner will be expected to provide a temporary computing service for VTT and its Finnish partners immediately after the launch of the development project.  

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It is predicted that materials research, synthetic biology research, the pharmaceutical industry, and the financial sector will be among the first industries to benefit from quantum computing.

Quantum technologies are among the key technologies identified by the European Commission as areas in which Europe wants to spearhead development and reach technological self-sufficiency. The financing granted to VTT for the procurement and development of the quantum computer advances both Finnish and European expertise in quantum technologies and quantum computing.

VTT carries out the call for tenders with the help of KPMG. The applications must be submitted by  August 2nd. The call for tenders includes several phases, and the goal is to select the supplier in early 2025.

Piia Konstari
Piia Konstari
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