The Time is Now

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I have thought much about time – time as the fourth dimension in which gravity and light exist. The past, the present, and the future. We also selected time as the theme of the VTT 80 anniversary year, because we have a great role in time.

Time is a continuous series of existence and events, which moves from the past, via the present, into the future. It is also a component variable of different measurements. Thinking about time is somehow both comforting as well as distressing at the same time. It is beyond our reach, it is something that we cannot influence, or that we cannot control. 

What we can affect is what happens in time. What we do now will be what is written about the past in the future. 

There are good times as well as bad times. 

And although the times are sometimes difficult, good things are happening all the time. We have decided to make the times good, and that is why we do good, impactful things at VTT. It is incredible to be part of an entity, and part of a community that seeks to genuinely influence how history is written, what the present feels like, and what the future looks like. 

With the help of science and technology – and above all, with the help of people – we can solve the greatest global challenges of our time, while at the same time creating sustainable growth and well-being. We have been doing this already for 80 years and we will continue to do it for a long time. This is because we know that we are needed.

The history that will be written about is what we can affect right now. What kind of history do you want to make?

We welcome you to join us to share curiosity, courage, and joy in this anniversary year! We will be telling stories about the people behind the innovations, we will hold events for stakeholders, as well as discussions, and we will publish both vision papers and a podcast series. Please stay with us!


P.S. We measure Finland's official time, you can see the exact time by scrolling to the top right of this page and clicking the clock icon. 

Our vision beyond 2030

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