T-Media’s Reputation & Trust survey 2023: VTT’s overall result at a record high level

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VTT has maintained the trust of its stakeholders and has a good reputation. This is shown by T-Media's Reputation & Trust survey of Finnish companies, social decision-makers, media representatives and the general public. The results of the surveys conducted during last autumn and winter among various stakeholders are now at a record high level during the 10-year history of measurements.

In the T-Media survey, VTT's reputation is assessed annually in the following areas: governance, financial performance, leadership, innovation, interaction, products & services, workplace and sustainability. 

VTT's reputation score, which takes into account all stakeholders, is at a good level. This is a slight improvement on the survey carried out a year earlier. VTT's support from stakeholders has remained stable and, in some cases, has increased.

"The strongest and most impactful dimension of VTT's reputation is responsibility. It's also great that the stakeholders see our services as adding value to customers and society. It also shows that the impact of VTT's work is considered important. I thank all VTT’ers for the good results! Building and maintaining a good reputation requires cooperation, openness, activity and commitment to common values”, says Antti Vasara, CEO.

For reliability, VTT achieved a very good score, which is great because the analysis shows that reliability is the most impressive of our areas. All stakeholders expect more interaction from VTT.

"Reputation and trust are important company assets that protect us in crisis situations. Due to the ever-increasing demands for transparency and accountability, it is important to systematically report on VTT's operations, future plans and impacts", says Leena Rantasalo, Head of the communications team.

Leena Rantasalo
Leena Rantasalo
Head of Communication
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