Science and technology innovation leaders begin collaboration with VTT

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Global cooperation is needed to tackle global problems. That is why VTT has set up an Excellence Advisory Board with top innovation leaders from the international science and technology scene. The goal is to raise research activities to a new level, create tools for combining excellence and innovation, and introduce a deeper perspective on VTT's strategy from the highest level of the science and technology sector.

The members of the new Advisory Board are Stephen Vargo, Maria Luisa Rastello, Akira Isogai, Dirk Inze, Heidi Fagerholm, Doug Cameron and Fatih Birol. It will be chaired by Henry Tirri. All have an extensive track record of success as innovation leaders and represent fields of science and technology that are strategically important to VTT and Finland. The Advisory Board has representatives from both the academic world and industry.

VTT has the task of building scientific and technical excellence, and innovative capabilities, in Finland. Solving global challenges will require world-class expertise and its continuous development.

"We have partnered up with a unique group of seasoned experts from the top of science and technology world. The new Advisory Board will support our work on the development of our strategic areas of activity, world-class research skills, and technological and innovation activities. We want to secure our place as a leading light among technology sector players in the future. We look forward to the forthcoming cooperation," says Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT.

The first meeting of the Excellence Advisory Board will be held in Helsinki on 22 to 23 October. During the two days, the Board members will be introduced to VTT's operations and strategy, as well as its strategic research areas focusing on the following societal challenges: climate action, resource sufficiency, good life, safety and security, and industrial renewal.