Niall Shakeshaft nominated as Head of Design at VTT: Technology has to solve real human problems

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MSc (Techn), MBA Niall Shakeshaft started at VTT on December 1, 2018. The aim of service design at VTT is to improve customer experience and keep the human at the core of technological innovations.

"Service design is a discipline we can use to understand people and their needs", says Niall Shakeshaft. "We can use design techniques to make our research work even more impactful, to make sure the technology we invent solves real human problems."

Niall Shakeshaft is originally from the UK and has been working at Nokia and BCG, for example. Before joining VTT, he worked at Fjord, a global design and innovation consultancy. Niall Shakeshaft is a member of VTT's Commercial Operations leadership team. He reports to Mika Toikka, the Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations.

VTT aims to develop solutions for global challenges, such as climate change, and thus bring sustainable growth and wellbeing for customers and society.

"We can also use service design to design our customer experience – how we deal with our direct customers and provide them with truly excellent service. I trust that VTTers will make service thinking a natural part of their research work", Niall continues.

Mika Toikka welcomes Niall to VTT: "Every VTTer wants to do his or her work for the very best of our customers and it is fascinating to see how service design helps us to develop research work activities. It is great to have a customer experience and service design expert join us. We aim towards even better customer satisfaction and impact."

Niall Shakeshaft
Niall Shakeshaft