International seminar: Hydrogen & Materials 2024

Technopolis, Innopoli 1
Tekniikantie 12
02150 Espoo


Welcome to the international seminar on the interactions between hydrogen and materials, covering material challenges related to all steps in the value chain: production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen!



  • Hydrogen transition​
  • Environmental degradation of materials in hydrogen​
  • Hydrogen embrittlement of metals​
  • Hydrogen tribology​
  • Modelling of hydrogen-material interactions


Thursday 6.6.2024
8.30-17.30 Sessions (incl. lunch & coffee)
19.00-22.00 Dinner

Friday 7.6.2024​
8.30-13.00 Sessions (incl. lunch & coffee)​
13.30-15.00 Optional tours to VTT facilities

The 1,5-day seminar is held in Otaniemi, Finland’s innovation cluster. It is located in Espoo, conveniently accessible from both Helsinki city center and Helsinki airport. ​

The seminar will include invited talks from highly esteemed experts such as Prof. Yoshinori Sawae (Kyushu University, Japan) and Prof. Zhiliang Zhang (NTNU, Norway). After the first day of sessions, a seminar dinner will be held in an atmospheric restaurant Sipuli, in the heart of Helsinki.​ It is possible to bring a companion to the dinner for a separate fee of 100 € + VAT 24%.

The second day of sessions will be finishing at lunch, after which there will be a possibility to tour VTT’s laboratories located close to the seminar venue, 40 seats available.​

The fee for the seminar, including the seminar, lunch, refreshments and the dinner, is 480 € + VAT 24% until 15.5. and 550 € + VAT 24% for registrations made after 15.5.

Register for the event here as soon as possible at latest 27.5.2024.


Sponsorship package is available at 1500 € + VAT 24%. The package includes one seminar participant and roll-up or poster size A0, company logo on the event website. The sponsorship package can be reserved via registration.



There are many hotels next to Helsinki railway station. Some links below, has more options. 

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Note that, due to renovation and construction work at Central Railway Station, the metro station is closed during the summer. Nearest metro stops to the Railway station are in Kamppi and University of Helsinki stations.  

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Elina HuttunenSaarivirta
Elina Huttunen-Saarivirta
Research Professor
Our vision beyond 2030

Green hydrogen can be used for emission-free storage and carrier of energy. It offers possibilities to shift to the global use and recycling of clean energy.