International seminar: Hydrogen & Materials 2024

Technopolis, Innopoli 1
Tekniikantie 12
02150 Espoo


Welcome to the international seminar on the interactions between hydrogen and materials, covering material challenges related to all steps in the value chain: production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen!



  • Hydrogen transition​
  • Environmental degradation of materials in hydrogen​
  • Hydrogen embrittlement of metals​
  • Hydrogen tribology​
  • Modelling of hydrogen-material interactions


Thursday 6.6.2024 

  • 8.30-17.30 Sessions (incl. lunch & coffee) 
  • 19.00-22.00 Dinner 

Friday 7.6.2024​

  • 8.30-13.00 Sessions (incl. lunch & coffee)​
  • 13.30-15.00 Optional tours to VTT facilities

The 1,5-day seminar is held in Otaniemi, Finland’s innovation cluster. It is located in Espoo, conveniently accessible from both Helsinki city center and Helsinki airport. ​

The seminar will include invited talks from highly esteemed experts such as Prof. Yoshinori Sawae (Kyushu University, Japan) and Prof. Zhiliang Zhang (NTNU, Norway). After the first day of sessions, a seminar dinner will be held in an atmospheric restaurant Sipuli, in the heart of Helsinki.​ It is possible to bring a companion to the dinner for a separate fee of 100 € + VAT 24%.

The second day of sessions will be finishing at lunch, after which there will be a possibility to tour VTT’s laboratories located close to the seminar venue, 40 seats available.​

The fee for the seminar is 480 € + VAT 24%, including the seminar, lunch, refreshments and the dinner. 

A more detailed program will be added soon.

Register for the event here as soon as possible at latest 15.5.2024.


Sponsorship package is available at 1500 € + VAT 24%. The package includes one seminar participant and roll-up or poster size A0, company logo on the event website. The sponsorship package can be reserved via registration.


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Elina HuttunenSaarivirta
Elina Huttunen-Saarivirta
Research Professor
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Green hydrogen can be used for emission-free storage and carrier of energy. It offers possibilities to shift to the global use and recycling of clean energy.