INEEL and VTT LTD promote technical cooperation within the energy sector

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Mexico´s National Institute for Electricity and Clean Energy (INEEL) and Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd (VTT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to generate synergies by sharing experiences and developing joint projects.

During the ceremony the Undersecretary of Planning and Energy Transition of the Ministry of Energy (SENER), Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez,  served as an Honorary Witness during the signing of the instrument.

The Undersecretary pointed out that with the agreement the INEEL and VTT seek to develop joint projects in which each of the institutes will contribute their capacity with specialized personnel in the field of research and development in the energy sector, and will subsequently sign specific agreements on the subject of clean energies of mutual interest.

The cooperation between INEEL and VTT, under the Memorandum, will generate synergies by sharing knowledge in areas of mutual interest and reciprocal benefit with the aim of activating and taking advantage of experiences in research, technological development and specialized technical support within the national and international energy sector.

That will allow to realize high impact projects with innovative solutions  focused on topics such as bioenergy, biofuels, energy waste, use of renewable energy sources, smart grids, virtual reality, turbomachinery, control, electronics and communications, and business development sets; among others.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President of VTT and Diego Arjona Argüelles, General Director of INEEL. Undersecretary Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez of SENER was acting as a honor witness for the signing ceremony.

Other participants present in the signing ceremony were Veera Virtanen, Customer Account Lead and Matti Tähtinen, Principal investigator, from VTT,  Pia Lustig, Senior Advisor, Juan Pablo Romero, Advisor, Jenni Hellberg, Project Specialist and Heidi Virta, Senior Director for Latin America from Business Finland, and  Fernando Kohrs Aldape, Director of Planning, Strategy Management and Marketing and José Gerardo Montoya, Head of the Office of the Electrical Systems Division from INEEL.

Jussi Manninen
Jussi Manninen
Executive Vice President
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