Financial Times chose VTT LaunchPad to its list of leading startup hubs in Europe

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The Financial Times magazine chose 125 leading European startup hubs out of about 2000 applicants in March 2024. We are happy to tell that our science-based incubator VTT LaunchPad is one of the hubs listed. VTT LaunchPad’s ranking is 107.

VTT LaunchPad’s story started in 2019 to develop new ways to spin off high quality, investable startups that are built on VTT’s intellectual property. Our task at VTT is to create an impact of change in society and industry with our technologies. Transferring technologies to startups is one way to introduce our ground-breaking research to the global market on as large a scale as possible. 

The new ways of working and supporting our spin-off teams has proven its effectiveness. We have several examples from different fields of technologies to verify this. Have a look at the stories of our bold spin-off companies and our current teams aiming to be the next ones.

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Members of the VTT LaunchPad team: Antti Pirnes (Manager, IPR), Tiia-Maria Jaakkola (Manager, Spin-off Incubation) Lotta Partanen (VTT LaunchPad Manager) and Mio Silvennoinen (Specialist, Business Analyst). 

VTT LaunchPad team
Lotta Partanen
Lotta Partanen
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