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Food economy 4.0

By 2050, the world’s population will reach 10 billion. They all need to be fed.

As the demand for food grows, the environmental impact related to agriculture is becoming an increasingly alarming problem.

We need to find new ways to feed people within the planetary boundaries.

The food ecosystem, including both food production and consumption, has to operate within our planetary boundaries and enable good life for all.
Nesli Sözer

In 2025, increased use of new plant-based food processes and products will have led to a 20 per cent reduction of animal protein consumption per capita in Europe. In 2035, cellular agriculture products will be an established nutrient source globally. Manufacturing personalized food is a routine thing to do.

Our approach

Work with VTT to enable the creation of a new food system that is sustainable for the planet and promotes health and well-being for the whole of humanity. We offer collaboration opportunities to develop new ingredient and food solutions and agile personalized food manufacturing technologies.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

New plant based -food solutions which reduce consumption of meat and dairy based products.

Food without Fields – harnessing industrial biotechnology for food ingredient production.

Agile food manufacturing technologies to reduce environmental stress and promote health.

Consumer-centric and data-driven innovations to enable a transparent and sustainable food system.