A forest and lake reflecting sky and clouds as shot from above.

Carbon reuse economy

Carbon dioxide isn’t actually evil. On the contrary: it could be a source of amazing prosperity.

We can make pretty much anything out of carbon dioxide: fuels, food, even running shoes. We just need to capture it from emissions and even from the air.

Carbon is captured from industrial emissions and eventually from the air and then converted into value added products.
Juha Lehtonen

The Carbon Reuse Economy is a significant tool for mitigating climate change. By 2040, three gigatons of carbon dioxide a year will be converted into fuels, chemicals, materials and food globally.

Our approach

We develop technologies for the products made from carbon dioxide. 
Partner up with VTT to develop and commercialise technologies for carbon dioxide capture and utilisation.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

The price and availability of sustainable hydrogen is the main bottleneck of large scale deployment of a Carbon Reuse Economy.

Commercial carbon reuse will start from higher value products such as chemicals and materials for consumer goods.

Commercialization will then proceed to food products and finally to fuels and energy carriers.