Low-carbon and smart mobility

Electric cars and urban cycling have become increasingly popular in recent years. Innovations are emerging at an increasing pace and technology is enabling solutions that are revolutionary.

All means need to be taken into use to make transport more climate-friendly.
Johannes Hyrynen

Data on transport is available that allows us to develop unprecedented services on land, on the sea, and in the air that support the needs of people and the climate.

Automating and digitising transport chains and transport systems are giving rise to new, sustainable business opportunities. In 2030 they have brought new innovations to Finland. The forms of transport support the needs of both individuals and communities as well as companies without compromising on goals for emissions.

Our approach

VTT's goal is to cut the carbon footprint of transport in half by 2030. We help develop sustainable transport and traffic solutions that support the individual needs of the users.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

  • We target and prioritise development work with the help of data collected from traffic. The needs of users are starting points for all new innovations.

  • We create solutions that reduce emissions, and which can be achieved by all regardless of socio-economic status.

  • By developing transport and travel networks as well as means of transport and transport services, we will improve the travel experience as well as safety.

  • Our short-term goal is to bring emissions under control through biofuels. In the medium term, electric vehicles will be used when upgrading equipment, and in the long term, there will be a shift to renewable energy in transport and traffic.