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Active hyperspectral technology enables early phase ore mapping in underground and surface mines. It helps to get more natural resources for sustainable development with less effort and environmental effects.

Sustainable development and renewable energy depend on irreplaceable natural resources. Unfortunately, there is an evident correlation between the amount of produced resources and their environmental impact. We can either produce less resources and limit sustainable development or produce more resources and damage our planet.

In some fields, this trade-off can be tackled by recycling materials. For mines, there is only one option: ore sorting. It reduces processing waste and other environmental effects. The value of ore sorting depends on the point of the mining process where it is applied. The biggest value is derived at the earliest point – before the mining even starts. 

Our active hyperspectral technology enables ore mapping before touching the rocks in underground and surface mines. The solution delivers a new modality of ore sorting and unlocks the sustainable and responsible way to mine natural resources. It increases resource recovery and minable tons and reduces the effort of mining companies.

This technology has high readiness level. It has been proved by field testing in the underground environment of Kemi mine, Outokumpu, Finland in the framework of the RAGE project (Real-Time AI-Supported Ore Grade Evaluation for Automated Mining), supported by Business Finland. 

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