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Automated Driving

Connected and Automated driving


We are developing automated driving technologies for automotive and work machine industry domains. The solutions base on our experience and prototype vehicles which has been developed since 1985. We are well known developer of in-vehicle embedded software in Europe. We are also working with digital transport infrastructure components and services. VTT is well known impartial evaluation and validation partner for automated driving functions. Our core business is development of novel systems coming to markets in 3-5 years time-frame.


  • sensor data fusion: ​fusion of sensor data and situation awareness
  • positioning: GPS, BeiDou, Glonass, odometry and Wifi-based positioning
  • V2X, connected driving: ITS G5, LTE and 5G messages 
  • automated driving functions: algorithms, software and control commands
  • sensing solutions: optical sensor solutions, cameras, LiDARs, radars and ultrasonic
  • machine intelligence: trajectory planning, obstacle avoidance
  • driver monitoring: camera-based monitoring of the driver workload and intention
  • ITS data managementtraffic data management and cooperative transport
  • function evaluation and verification: technical validation of vehicle systems
  • impact assessment: evaluation of user acceptance and the safety and ecology impacts

VTT plays an active role in the notable European projects for developing and supporting transition towards world of connected and automated vehicles. We have great connections and networks with the other Europe stakeholders in the automated transport development arena.  



NewControl: Integrated, Fail-Operational, Cognitive Perception, Planning and Control Systems for Highly Automated Vehicles

  • Develop fail-safe platforms for vehicle systems aimed for automated driving in SAE Level 3+

  • Demonstrate the fail-operational automated driving functions with robust sensor systems

  • Partners: Infineon, NXP, Bosch, AVL, Aalto University, Murata, Xenomatics, Ford, Unikie, etc.


AI4DI: Artificial Intelligence for Digitalizing Industry

  • Development of artificial intelligence algorithms for industry needs

  • Use the AI based system in mobile machinery operations and bus fleet management

  • Partners: Infineon, Vaisto Solutions, Audi, ST Microelectronics, AVL, Sintef, Murata, etc.



  • Create a toolbox for rail and road managers to safety at level crossing

  • Demonstrate new innovative tools and develop new systems to warn drivers when approaching crossing

  • International Union of Railways, IFSTTAR, Certh, SNFC, DLR, etc.


5G-MOBIX: 5G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIlity on X-border corridors

  • Development and verification of the 5G connectivity for cross-border corridors

  • Verification of 5G benefits for automated driving in the Netherlands

  • Partners: Ertico, AKKA, Daimler, Ericsson, Nokia, Here, Intrasoft, Sensible-4, etc.


5G-DRIVE: 5G HarmoniseD Research and TrIals for serVice Evolution between EU and China

  • Development and deployment of 5G connectivity in Europe and China

  • 5G field trials for supporting automated driving

  • Partners: Eurescom, Orange, University of Surrey, Dynniq, Videa, BMW, etc.

  • China twinning project partners: Ericsson, China Mobile, BMW, Huawei, etc.


L3Pilot: Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads

  • Developing certification and verification process for automated driving

  • Evaluation and assessing level 3 and 4 automated driving functions

  • Partners: Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Renault, Autoliv, TNO, DLR, IKA, Delphi, etc.


Efficient Mineral Detection

  • Development of the automated mining work machine

  • Sensor technologies for mine detection

  • Partners:  Aalto University, Geospatial Research Institute (FGI)


AutoDrive: Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable

  • Development of the fail-safe automated driving functions

  • Accurate inertia and positioning algorithms in tunnels

  • Partners: Infineon, Murata, VirtualVehicle, FEV, Fiat, SINTEF, Okmetic, AIT, Daimler, etc.


ARTIC CHALLENGE: Connected and Automated Driving

  • Development and implementation of ITS G5

  • Validation of the automated driving functions in artic conditions

  • Partners: Finnish Transport Agency (Trafi), Finnish Transport Agency, Dynniq, Indagon, InfoTripla



​5G-SAFE: Road safety enchancements enabled by 5G

  • Development of the 5G technology for supported automated and connected driving

  • Enabling collaborative sensing between vehicles

  • Partners: Kaltiot, Finnish Meteorological Institute, SITO, Tieto, etc.

  • Videos:



TrustVehicle: Improved Trustworthiness and Weather-Indepence of Conditionally Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic Scenarios

  • Development of HMI solutions for L3 automated vehicles

  • Support automated driving in mixed traffic

  • Partners: VirtualVehicle, Linkker, Volvo, AVL, Infineon, Ford, etc.



TT: Transforming Transport

  • Big data in transport and logistics

  • Using ICT and V2X for optimising vehicle routing

  • Partners: Fraunhofer, Tampere city, InfoTripla, Taipale Telematics, TomTom, Thales, etc.

​2017 - 2020

AUTOPILOT: AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet of Things

  • Development and evaluation of the IoT based autonomous vehicle functions

  • Field studies related to the autonomous vehicles in Tampere test site

  • Partners: Ertico, Continental, Fiat, Huawei, TNO, IBM, Citroen, etc. 

  • Project budget: 24 M€, VTT: 1,1 M€

Link to the video 



​AULA: Study of Professional Driver Competence Requirements in Automated Transport

  • Identifying the new needed competences

  • Technology review which influence to driving autonomous vehicles

  • Partners: TTS Kehitys Ltd. (coordinator), Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi)



Tampere City Autonomous Transport Implementation Study

  • Planning autonomous driving routes in Tampere city area

  • Action plan for development of ICT and traffic infrastructure

  • Consortium: Ramboll Finland Oy (coordinator), City of Tampere



KymiAuto: KymiRing Autonomous Driving Tests in Future Smart Cities

  • Designing smart city based closed area for autonomous vehicle testing

  • Partners: KymiRing Oy and Kouvola Innovations Oy



DENSE:  aDverse wEather eNviromental Sensing systEm

  • Coordinator: Daimler

  • Consortium: Renault, EICT, Autoliv, Oplatek, Vaisala, Modulight, Xenics, etc.

  • Development of the automotive sensing technologies in hard weather conditions

  • Budget: 15 M€, VTT: 1 M€

Link to the fog chamber video

Link to the driving video in North of Europe

​2015 - 2017


I_HeERO: Infrastructure Harmonised eCall European Pilot

  • Coordinator: Ertico

  • Consortium: CRF, Bosch, CTAG, Magnetti Marelli, Vodafone, Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TRAFI), Finnish Tranport Agency, The Emergency Response Centre Administration, Ministry of Transport and Communications

  • automotive and call centre eCall equipment end-to-end testing

Link to the web site


DIGILE IOTDIGILE_IoT_logo.jpgDIGILE_IoT_logo.jpgDIGILE_IoT_logo.jpg 

DIGILE IOT: Internet of Things programme

  • Development of road friction and fog detection technologies

  • Partners: Mattersoft and Mobisoft

  • Budget of the ITS development: 70 k€

Link to the video


Urban Auto Test 

​UrbanAutoTest: Urban Cooperative and Autonomous Car Test Bed

  • Coordinator: VTT

  • Consortium: Tieto, HERE, Taipale Telematics, City of Tampere, TTS, Nomovok, Trafi

  • Development of urban area autonomous vehicle test facilities

  • Project budget: 2 M€ and VTT 510 k€

Link to the web site

Link to the video


TATSU: Road ​traffic automation action planning 2016-2020

  • Planning actions for public authorities to meet the future autonomous driving needs

  • Partners: Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TRAFI), Finnish Tranport Agency

​2015- 2018


RobustSense: Robust and Reliable Environment Sensing and Situation Prediction for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving

  • Coordinator: Daimler

  • Consortium: Bosch, Fiat, SICK, Oplatek, Modulight, AVL, University of Ulm, Fraunhofer, etc.

  • Development of robust environment perception and data fusion for autonomous cars in harsh weather conditions

  • Project budget: 11 M€ and VTT 390 k€

Link to the web site

Link to the poster



​NordicWay: Cellular C-ITS corridor

  • Coordinator: Trafi

  • Consortium: ​Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TRAFI), Finnish Tranport Agency, HERE

  • Piloting and evaluation of impacts of cloud based connected car applications in the highway


AutoEcosystem: Test field ecosystem for automated driving

  • Benchmarking Finnish strengths and weaknesses in autonomous vehicle testing

  • Identifying potential beneficiaries and stakeholders in Finland for generating test sites

  • Partners: Ministry of Transport and Communications



VRUITS: Improving the Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users Throught ITS Applictions

  • Coordinator: VTT

  • Consortium: ECORYS, CIDAUT, NXP, TNO, Dynniq, etc.

  •  Integration of VRUs to ITS and adaptation of the automotive HMI to support safe interaction between road users

​2012 - 2016​​


DESERVE: DEvelopment platform for Safe and Efficient dRiVE

  • Coordinator: VTT

  • Consortium: Fiat, Volvo, Daimler, Continental, Ramboll, TTS, etc.

  • Funded by the European Commission and TEKES under ECSEL JU

Links to the videos:

​2012 – 2016


TEAM: Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility

  • Coordinator: Fraunhofer

  • Consortium: BMW, Fiat, Jaguar/Land Rover, Volvo, Nokia Here, Delphi, Intel, NEC, NXP, Telecom Italia, Swarco, etc.

  • Funded by EC

  • Moves V2X systems from cooperation to collaboration of drivers, travelers, vehicles and infrastructure

Link to the Tampere test site scenarious

​​2012 - 2016


MOBiNET - Europe-Wide Platform for Cooperative Mobility Services

  • Coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe

  • Consortium: Volvo, Fiat, NEX, NEC, Swarco, Peek, Thales, Xerox, Tecnalia, Ertico, etc.

  • Internet-based network linking travellers, transport users, transport system operators, service providers, content providers and transport infrastructure

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework programme

​​2013 - 2015



  • Coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe

  • Consortium: AustriaTech, FIA, ACEA, Q-Free, DEKRA

  • Fosters the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe
    Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework programme


  • Car smoke detection with using thermal imaging

  • Assignment with AWA instrument, Singapore

​2011 - 2014


DRIVE C2X : DRIVing implementation and Evaluation of C2X communication technology in Europe

  • Coordinator: Daimler AG

  • Consortium: Audi, BMW, Volvo, Honda, Peugeot, Fiat, Delphi, Continental, etc.

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme

Link to the video

​​2012 - 2014​

​Trafisafe: Supporting new drivers

  • Funded by Finnish Trasport Agency

Link to the video

​2008 - 2012


TeleFOT: Field Operational Tests of Aftermarket and Nomadic Devices in Vehicles

  • Coordinator: VTT

  • Consortium: ADAC, Fiat, Chalmers, Logica, Navteq, CIDAUT, etc.

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme

Link to the project overview video

Link to the driver monitoring video

​2012 – 2015


​CoMoSeF: Co-operative Mobility Services of the Future

  • Coordinator: Mobisoft

  • Consortium: InfoTripla, Finnish Meterological Institute, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, etc.

  • Development weather information provision and sensing systems for modern automotive ADAS and infrastructure systems

  • Funded by TEKES under EUREKA CELTIC-Plus programme

​​2011 - 2014



  • Coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe

  • Consortium: EUCAR, IFSTTAR, PTV, TNO, Trafikverket, ASECAP, etc. accelerate the deployment of ICT for sustainable mobility and transport. 

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme

​2010 - 2013


​interactIVe: Accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles

  • Coordinator: Ford

  • Consortium: Volvo, Navteq, Fiat, Daimler, Volkswagen, Continental, TNO, DLR, Autoliv, etc.

  • Development of the evaluation tool of automotive environment perception sensors and technical validation of the modern automotive ADAS

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework programme

​2008 - 2011


​​INTERSAFE-2: Cooperative Intersection Safety

  • Coordinator: SICK AG

  • Consortium: Volvo, Volkswagen, BMW, NEC, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, etc.

  • Integration of the intersection infrastructure sensors and support for standardisation of the cooperative traffic monitoring applications.

  • Funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme

In English

In Finnish:






​LiDAR software

  • ​LiDAR data software tool for analysing point cloud

  • Interface to different type of multi-layer laser scanners

  • Filtering traffic data outliers from the point cloud

  • Outdoor object detection (road borders, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.)

  • ​cars

  • trucks

  • moving work machines



  • The frame for testing feasibility of the various vehicle sensor configurations

  • Short  and long range (24/77 GHz) radars, thermal camera, stereo camera and LiDAR

  • Optimising the sensor configuration in ourdoor conditions and according to vehicle type

  • ​vessels

  • moving work machines

  • cars

  • trucks

  • trains



  • ​On-board unit for measuring friction in ahead of  the vehicle

  • Camera based system

  • Can be combined with vehicle bus measures (suspension, accelerations, tyre rotations)

  • Connection to the external server is an option

  • heavy good vehicles

  • passenger cars​



  • ​Camera based driver monitoring system for detection of visual and cognitive workload

  • Driver intention analyses based on gaze angles

  • Combination of the vehicle dynamic parameters (speed variation, lane keeping, etc.) and facial features

  • ​passenger cars

  • heavy-good vehicles

  • work machine



  • ​Sensor data fusion platform for analysing data coming from heterogeneous sensor sources

  • Interfaces to the commercial sensor components

  • Dedicated for connected and automated vehicles

  • ​passenger cars

  • heavy-good vehicles

  • busses

  • work machines



  • ​Modular eCall test bed

  • Supports all main features of eCall

  • Based on the latest eCall standards (verified in ETSI eCall TestFest)

  • Targeted for testing purposes: provides extensive data logging and configuration

  • ​Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP) managed by emergency organizations

  • Passenger cars and light vans

  • Heavy vehicles (coming)



  • ​The complete system for traffic enforcement

  • Detection of over-speeding and vehicle safety margins

  • Calculating ecological footprint of road traffic

  • Connection to the ITS service station via cellular communication link

  • ​ITS service stations

  • Traffic enforcement