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Printed and hybrid manufacturing services


Realising new business opportunities through advances in material and manufacturing technology

Create products that have the potential to disrupt existing value chains and markets. VTT application-oriented R&D services leverage disruptive advances in material technology and related processing methods. Customers of VTT Printed Intelligence benefit from our unique offering, which combines pilot-scale R&D services and supporting intellectual property rights to help exploit the exciting new business opportunities that our technologies help to create. Our offering makes use of VTT’s multi-technological knowhow and unique roll-to-roll pilot-scale manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise covers a wide range of printed intelligence technologies, from material formulation and process development to pilot-scale roll-to-roll production of individual components and integrated systems

Pilot scale ramp-up helps refine & commercialise

VTT has a wide range of intellectual property in the field of printed intelligence materials, products and related process technologies. Most of these technologies and processes have been ramped up to pilot scale in order to better help our customers commercialise individual technologies and their applications.

Solutions for:

Printed functional devices

VTT's enabling technologies in the field of printed functional devices help our customers commercialise intelligent packaging, point-of-care testing and well-being monitoring products. For realising these applications, we use high-volume technologies such as microfluidics, functionalised paper and printed indicators.

Visual indicators »

We have strong experience in the development of visual indicators sensitive to the presence of volatile substances and oxygen. We also have considerable experience with several concepts based on printed enzymes.

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SERS substrates »

We have an extensive R&D offering in the field of sensor technologies. Besides development of SERS sensors, we are intensively developing state-of-art read-out units for multi-analyte detection in operational sensor systems.

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Microfluidics & printed indicators »

Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technologies represent a revolution in laboratory experimentation and with VTT's pilot roll-to-roll printing facilities and proven technological competencies, the use of this technology is brought to an industrially applicable level.

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Hybrid electronics and 3D plastic integration

We are conducting active research and offering R&D services in the field of printed electronics and hybrid manufacturing of integrated smart systems. We focus on combining manufacturing technologies such as roll-to-roll-printed functionalities, injection moulding and traditional component assembly.

In-mould integration hybrid electronics »

We are developing a hybrid in-mould integration technology that enables seamless integration of novel optical, electrical, and mechanical features into 3D plastic products. With our approach, industrial product designers gain more design freedom.

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Printed electronics

We print the building blocks for integrated systems, including thin film transistors, memory, power sources, and sensors. While we place emphasis on components, we also specialise in scaling up and integration. Our capabilities therefore allow us to offer various types of printed electronics applications and services from feasibility studies to pilot-scale production trials.

Printed biobattery »

We combine our multidisciplinary expertise in printed intelligence and power sources for the development of printed biobatteries. We have a strong background with several types of printing processes and we have been concentrating on the design and manufacture of printable electrodes and bio-based power sources.

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​​​Printed wide-area sensors »

We offer R2R printing technologies combined with low-power microelectronics enabling the integration of sensing and communication functions into wide-area, flexible and thin surfaces.

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​​​Printed WORM memories »

We have developed printed resistive write-once-read-many  memories for smart system applications that require low cost, allow low bit count and demand low writing voltage and demonstrated the fabrication of memory banks using high-throughput R2R methods.

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Thin-film   transistors »

We offer materials testing as well as process, device, circuit and demonstrator development for large-area active semiconductor electronics such as printed thin-film-transistor and diode-based solutions. 

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Printed OLED and organic solar cells

VTT has developed Roll-to-roll printing and processing technologies that offer high throughput, as well as cost-efficient methods for manufacturing flexible OLEDs and OPVs.

Organic solar cells »

Our mass manufacturing R2R printing technologies enable the manufacturing of ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible solar cells that can be customised to any size, shape and electrical performance required in the end-use device.

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Our unique approach to OLED manufacturing promotes freedom of design. Printing as a manufacturing method enables the fabrication of patterns of light in bespoke shapes and sizes.

Printed intelligence pilot manufacturing

Create next generation electronic products today with VTT's world-leading pilot manufacturing infrastructure and services. We offer scale-up from prototypes to mass manufacturing and material, process, and product verification.

​​​Roll-to-roll pilot environment » 

We offer a unique roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:

We offer our customers our unique experience, facilities, application know-how and partner networks in order to accelerate their product development and reduce the time to market. Backed by approximately 100 experts in printed intelligence and unique roll-to-roll processing facilities, VTT offers a fast track for companies looking to develop new products from printed intelligence technologies.


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​Development of roll-to-roll printed inverted organic solar cells

Customer: Eni S.p.A

Solution: Eni is developing photovoltaic cells, modules and panels based on organic materials and or polymer to reduce the cost of producing electricity from solar resources. VTT is Eni’s research partner in developing fully roll-to-roll printed inverted organic solar cells based on Eni’s materials.


Printed diagnostics 

Customer: Orion Diagnostica

Challenge: Transition from the old swab and reagent bottle-based methods of hygiene monitoring systems to a new-generation, fast and easy-to-use integrated test device which is produced by printing reagents on a textile.

Solution: Clean Card® PRO is a new-generation hygiene test for monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food. The test detects protein residues, the presence of which indicates inadequate cleaning. VTT acted as a partner in product development, ramp-up production, and technology transfer of the production process.


Verification of the roll-to-roll processability of a new material

Customer: Optitune

Solution: Optitune offers a revolutionary coating technology for cost-effective and environmentally friendly light management solutions for solar, touchscreen, electronics and construction industries. Processability of Optitune's new hard-coating material has been verified in VTT's R2R environment.


New process control unit verification

Customer: Focalspec

Solution: Focalspec has developed a new type of on-line topography measurement system for the monitoring and control of printed electronics production. The system is based on novel Lateral Chromatic Imaging technology. The first pilot system has been installed in the VTT MAXI R2R pilot line to gain practical information and experience on measurement needs for various types of materials, printed functionalities and processes.


New solutions for printed electronics measurement and control

Customers: Asahi Kasei, Offcode and Coatema

Solution: Together with VTT, Offcode has developed the ARCOS21 on-line system for registration and quality-measurements. VTT's MAXI line has been used for testing and demonstrating the system's capability to detect details in the range of 10µm and registration accuracy close to 20µm.

Coatema, manufacturer of high-performance coating and laminating production lines, utilises Offcode's system in their new machines.

Asahi Kasei's high-accuracy Gravure unit performance has been verified in the MAXI line.

​Printing organic solar cells at VTT's pilot factory



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