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Metals and minerals recovery and reuse



​Maximize your yield with VTT solutions and expertise

VTT has developed solutions for more efficient extraction and reuse of metals and valuable elements. We have worked within many metals and minerals-related industries and can leverage our deep understanding of your industry, taking you from concept to pilot scale production.

Monetising your side streams

VTT offers the hands-on expertise and process knowledge to help you extract more value from waste and side streams. We work collaboratively, developing concepts with you for your particular needs. When you are ready, we quickly move into the pilot phase for proof of concept.

We can help you do more with less!

Take advantage of VTT's advanced hydrometallurgical and extraction expertise and novel approaches to low-grade material stream processing and recycling. With hands-on process design, prefeasibility studies and full pilot facilities, VTT has all the resources you require for program success. 

Let us help you to do more with less!

 Infrastructure & Business Development


​​​Bioeconomy Concept Development and Evaluation

VTT’s strong expertise in process and product development, together with our well-established approaches for systematic evaluation, simulation and modelling, will provide a fast lane to holistic feasibility estimates of novel concepts.

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 Design of sustainable materials and machinery

At VTT we start with your needs, then build our way back to optimal materials and more precise machinery design. Our process includes a thorough simulation and trial environment. VTT brings strong expertise, from materials and machinery to sustainability, lifecycle management and techno-economic feasibility. We help clients streamline manufacturing and material selection to their precise requirements for improved efficiency and profitability.

​​​Modelling and simulation

VTT possesses a deep understanding related to several industrial processes combined with modelling know-how, which can be applied both in process and phenomena modelling.

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​​​Prefeasibility studies

Our competence covers process calcualtions, sizing of process equipment and investment and operational cost calculation.

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 Low grade ore and minerals valorisation

Combine VTT's hydrometallurgy expertise with hands-on piloting for an excellent, cost-efficient R&D platform. Gaining access to leading scientific minds and expertise can help you more quickly increase yield and profitability. Leverage VTT's separation technologies, hydrometallurgy and leaching expertise to get to the next level. 

​​​Critical metals (CM) and rare earth elements (REE) 

Our competence covers hydrometallurgical and biohydrometallurgical processing methodology for CMs including REE leaching and recovery from different material feeds.

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​​​Hydrometallurgy and leaching 

Our competence covers hydrometallurgical and biohydrometallurgical technologies for metals. We work with precious and critical metals leaching and recovery from different material feeds.

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​​​Hydrometallurgy piloting 

VTT’s separation technologies and capabilities include a newly established mobile pilot environment, Flexmet, for hydrometallurgical processing. We offer related expertise to separate metals from different sources.

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 Waste and sidestream valorisation

Attain higher profit margins and a higher degree of sustainability by harnessing waste and byproducts. Use VTT's novel concepts, cross industry expertise, and expert R&D services to quickly find and pursue the right avenue to added value through recovery. In a complex environment, both theoretical understanding and hands-on piloting provide the necessary information and understanding for implementation. The benefit is evident in reduced material costs, higher efficiency, and environmental compliance.

​​​Metals separation

Our competence covers the whole separation pathway from feedstock/waste to value-added product/neutralized waste. The research and development is active in flotation with e.g. metals separation of electric and mineral wastes.
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​​​Recovery from effluents

Our core competence consists in chemical precipitation and cementation. In addition, research is strong in sulphate reduction and metal precipitation with sulphate-reducing bacteria.

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Fresh thinking

Our customers tell us that collaborating with VTT adds value in a number of ways. It brings fresh thinking to the table, offers proven technologies that can be tailored to their specific needs, and accelerates the development and implementation process.

How we work

Working with VTT is different. Instead of developing everything internally or working with companies pushing proprietary solutions, we function as an extended part of your team. With VTT, you are tapping into recycling and material reprocessing research and development that is both deep and broad.

Let’s talk

We invite you to meet with us so that we can gain a better understanding of the most important challenges you are facing and how we can help you to solve them.