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Energy efficient embedded systems


​Technologies ​for low life-cycle cost and high efficiency

We provide building blocks and expertise needed for creating new business opportunities through industrial energy efficient embedded systems. Our offering is focused on demanding networked measurements, data integration and analysis. We apply our solutions in different domains including building automation, industrial automation and machine & vehicle automation.

We offer solutions for

 Building intelligence

In buildings there is a huge potential to save energy, environment and recourses as well as to increase the lifetime of buildings by renewing the concept of monitoring and controlling buildings in an intelligent manner. By offering new IoT technologies we enable new business opportunities in energy economics, lifetime optimization and services.

Environment sensing »

Our sensing solutions enable remote monitoring of environmental variables including temperature, moisture, CO2, air pressure, in-out pressure difference and VOC parameters (Volatile Organic Compound). The aim is to protect humans, environment and property by alerting of abnormal conditions and events. Monitoring is also needed to improve users' health and comfort e.g. in form of indoor air quality and temperature/humidity conditions. VTT has also developed Human Thermal Model (HTM) to evaluate and control individual comfort conditions.

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Energy efficient buildings » ​​

Energy system monitoring allows to improve energy efficiency of e.g. households by optimizing and controlling energy consumption and production. In near future, most devices at home, including  electric cars as well as private solar panels and wind turbines, will be able to connect themselves wirelessly to smart grid – the merger of electric grid and communication networks. Through smart grid electrical loads over the network can be remotely controlled in a flexible and secure way.

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​​​Structural monitoring »

Building structure monitoring allows observing condition of building materials in real-time during and after the building process. Wireless sensors can be embedded into structures to monitor humidity, drying process, fractures, bending etc. The data from the sensors can be transmitted to IoT services through low power wireless sensor network. Energy autonomy and maintenance-free operation of the sensor units can be achieved by generating supply power e.g. from thermal energy.


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 Machine intelligence

VTT develops advanced machine control systems, monitoring systems for railways and trains as well as safety and asset management systems for industrial machines and vehicles. By utilizing VTT's machine intelligence know-how our customers can increase productivity, improve their machines safety functionalities and quality of work. Our Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solutions help you to increase machine uptime and to achieve cost savings in maintenance programs.

Advanced control and CBM »

We provide an environment for speeded R&D of advanced intelligent control systems for our customer's machines. This HIL-environment (Hardware In the Loop) combines the actual machine control system with a dynamic simulation model of the machine and VTT's development environment for advanced control systems. The set-up provides an efficient optimization and prototyping tool to design automated manipulator structures, actuator systems and control systems prior to manufacturing.

CBM ensures that maintenance is performed at the right time and only if necessary. VTT offers a combination of cost-efficient wireless sensor platforms, efficient Operation & Maintenance (O&M) analytics tools and our experts' application domain knowledge for agile development of CBM-solution.  This helps our customers in building machine, plant/site and business system level decision support systems for maintenance management and related information-intensive services.


Railway and train monitoring »

Railway health monitoring enables early detection and warning on tracks requiring service and repair before critical faults occur. The wireless sensor network collects information on structural health and behaviour of railway infrastructure, and transmits it to the data server enabling remote monitoring. VTT has also developed a completely wireless system for train wagon collision testing (in accordance with European Wagon TSI directive), measuring buffer force, acceleration and deformation on the wagon structure.

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​​​Machine safety systems »

Every year several injuries or casualties are caused when carrying out some activities in the vicinity of working machinery and moving machinery parts. To improve the safety of employees VTT has developed novel solutions to detect human and non-human objects up to 10 m in harsh industrial environments. Automated machinery requires often accurate positioning and distance measurements to ensure safe and reliable functionality.  VTT has developed methods for fast and extremely accurate 1D distance measurements and 2D/ 3D positioning of one or several simultaneously moving human or non-human objects based on UWB technology (Ultra-Wide-Band).

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