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Industrial ecosystems: ripe for growth, renewal and opportunity



​VTT brings a broad understanding of industrial ecosystems and their value chains to our customers' business development processes. We help you to discover current and future business opportunities in networked business environments.

Networked, open, and mutually beneficial collaboration

The key role of ecosystem orchestration is based on the intentional use of different collaboration models with several partners. We acquire beneficial customer and partner insight for our clients and facilitate the building of business relationships, helping you to find new partners. You are then able to integrate the competences of your network members in order to provide customer-specific solutions.

VTT is actively developing our own long-term collaboration models. We have, for instance, launched the General Finland Initiative to boost the business ecosystem of small and medium-sized companies targeting new international markets.

Are you looking for the most competitive, boundary-spanning business model?

Successful implementation of open and networked collaboration models within industrial ecosystems increases revenues and growth, creates new business opportunities, and fortifies the commitment of all actors within the ecosystem. Through boundary-spanning business models you can create vision, alignment, and commitment. Choose VTT to help speed your journey! ​


​​​Business network management

Our business network management methods and tools help customers analyse the current state and development needs in their networks and broader business ecosystems.

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