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Solar energy for brighter future



Solar power and heat have a huge potential in fulfilling the future energy needs. The new technologies and solutions are needed to utilise this potential. The clean and renewable energy from sun is there waiting for utilization. VTT can support your business and R&D in solar energy materials, components and systems. We can estimate the influence of your solution on built environment and help you in technology dissemination. Our strength is combining the practical and theoretical expertise.

We can help with 

  • solar materials and manufacturing technology
  • solar components and systems
  • solar system integration in built environment
  • energy storages offering flexibility to solar systems
  • solar related energy business and services


Solar materials and manufacturing technology

V​​​TT helps clients to find the best possible materials for the applications and manufacturing technologies for the materials and products. Organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials, structures and technologies have been developed for use in applications of built environment. Printing technologies for organic photovoltaics will increase the possible use of PV in the future. The new applications will require material development and characterization before using in real on-site applications.

  • Organic photovoltaic (OPV)
  • Roll-to-roll (R2R) technologies
  • Photovoltaic design and characterization

Solar components and systems

Solar components and systems will be used in future building and energy system applications. VTT will enhance the efficient integration of the components in the building and energy systems by component and system level studies using system simulation methods and experimental characterisation in laboratory and on-site. Solar thermal components, PV applications, concentrated solar power (CSP), solar assisted cooling, facade integrated solar thermal and PV. Large variety of the applications needs theoretical and experimental knowledge

  • Component development and testing
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies
  • Solar system installation procedures
  • Certification of solar products and production (VTT Expert Services)

Solar system integration in built environment


VTT helps clients to integrate solar systems in built environment. The system analysis for solar thermal and PV applications will show the performance of the products integrated in the buildings and energy systems. The hybrid energy systems, e.g. concentrated solar power (CSP), façade integrated PV and solar thermal collectors connected with storage systems, and building products can be studied using system simulation programs and the performance can be validated by experimental testing and in real size demonstrations.

  • System analyses for building integrated PV
  • System analyses for building integrated solar thermal
  • OPV & R2R systems and building/product integration
  • CSP plant analyses
  • Hybrid energy concepts and process integration analyses
  • Solar in buildings – demonstrations
  • System simulation – operational strategy and troubleshooting by simulations


​ Energy storages offering flexibility to solar systems


Energy storages are the key element in the future energy grids. The storage technologies will improve the flexible use of the most economical and environmentally friendly energy production, and give flexibility in consumption. VTT has high expertise of storage technologies and storage related processes.

  • Use case analyses for heat storage applications
  • Use case analyses for electricity storage applications
  • Power-to-X
  • Grid integration of solar technologies
  • Use case & control studies


Solar related energy business and services 


VTT is experienced for enhancing energy business and services by research of technologies and services. User studies, stakeholder analyses, network and business analyses, studies of business and service concepts and combining technology and business aspects for the benefits of our client are our targets. VTT combines our competencies to find the best solutions for the clients. The energy driven business transformation is in our interests and we are actively studying future trends in the area.

  • Solar business analyses, stakeholder and network analyses
  • Smart grids and energy markets
  • Business & service model development
  • Decision support analyses & input to policy design
  • Scenario & feasibility studies


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