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Future energy systems ensure continuity and sustainability


Future energy systems


Long energy investment lifecycles call for thorough planning and exceptional expertise

VTT provides energy system modernisation services for all operating environments with its 400 energy industry experts. Energy investments can have lifecycles of more than 50 years. In addition, the operating environment is fraught with different kinds of political, economic and technological risks that contribute to the uncertainty surrounding future energy supply and demand.

Our advanced energy system modelling and simulation environment enables realistic predictions regarding the composition and behaviour of future energy systems. In other words, we are building the future of energy.

Our services cover fuel refining, electricity, district heating and cooling, and gas across the entire energy sector value chain. 

New technologies and the potential of ICT to leverage innovative solutions

The technological development of renewable energy sources is one of VTT's top priorities. We invest heavily in the development of wind power technologies for cold climates as well as fuel cell and solar technologies.

In the future, energy transmission and distribution networks will incorporate more and more distributed generation technologies. The flexibility of energy systems is already of crucial importance. We are moving towards smart energy systems that not only form dynamic, interactive networks, but also provide tailored solutions for responding to local or regional needs. ICT solutions and services will become an increasingly critical element of energy systems in the future. 

Impact assessments and scenario analysis 


National, regional and local energy systems are in the   transition. There is an increasing need for a new strategy to address decarbonisation in both local and global market environments. VTT supports this evolution with market analysis, scenario work and roadmapping. We help stakeholders to formulate new policies, strategies and concepts and to identify new business opportunities. 

A new approach to energy

​The sustainable energy systems of the future are developing alongside new regulatory, legislative and business requirements, which all are more or less individual in each market environment. All stakeholders in the energy value chain need to take multidisciplinary and sometimes completely novel approaches, developing new competences and solutions for managing the change in which private consumers are taking a more active role.
VTT is developing novel energy system concepts and solutions in national, regional and local environments. We are a key provider of analytics for all stakeholders in the energy value chain. 

Excellence in planning and analysis of energy system transitions

​VTT is tackling the challenges of meeting decarbonisation goals and other sustainability issues head-on. At the same time, we address the need to increase energy production cost-efficiency and self-sufficiency. 

VTT’s energy programs draw on the multi-disciplinary competences of more than 400 top experts. Our offering includes novel modelling and simulation tools and services for: 

1. Energy, climate and innovation policy impact assessments
2. Energy and technology market analysis and business opportunity mapping
3. Future energy system and concept planning
4. Business models for smart energy markets ​

 ​ ​​​​ ​​​​ ​​​

 Energy business management

Energy systems and energy infrastructures are facing increasing challenges. These include decarbonisation and environmental sustainability, energy security, growing urbanisation and mounting cyber and data security issues. Life time of the energy system is long and strong performance and business continuity are not foregone conclusions, even for smaller local energy systems and businesses.

VTT supports customers in managing these challenges and opportunities with risk-conscious decision-making. We provide, for example, risk, safety and material assessment analyses for energy systems exposed to different operational, climatic and other conditions. We also specialise in severe accident analysis and the development of people-based safety and cyber security programs.

Power to risk-conscious decision making in energy business

​The most challenging task that energy sector businesses face today is evaluating and mitigating regulatory and fiscal risks. These in turn may have to do with technology, weather and climate or organisational risks. All of these are drivers for our work. We support customers in mitigating controllable risks every level. 

Tremendous energy expertise

​VTT’s energy programs draw on the multi-disciplinary competences of more than 400 top experts. Our offering includes research and analysis tools for: ​
1. Risk assessment of new technologies and concepts
2. Energy system weather risk mitigation 
3. Systems engineering of complex energy systems 


Future technologies and systems for renewable energy

Decarbonisation and energy security concerns are increasingly important issues for the energy industry. They are contributing to an urgent need to develop and commercialise new, renewable technologies as quickly as possible. 

​From new technology R&D to commercialisation

Developing efficient, reliable production technology is a precursor to commercialisation. New techniques often require new sensors, meters, automated components and ICT solutions. Completely new materials are sometimes needed to suit harsher conditions. Novel service and/or business concepts may also be required to meet customer needs.

VTT conducts the research, develops the technology and aids in the commercialisation of novel technologies and systems, solutions and business concepts. We have decades of experience in piloting new technologies. Our multidisciplinary expertise and global research, development and commercialisation networks help speed our customers’ solutions to market.

Enabling technologies for future energy systems

In addition to multidisciplinary acumen accumulated over the course of decades, VTT has state-of-the-art piloting facilities and tools for the development of:

1. New energy production technologies (​wind power, fuel cells, hybrid solar systems, etc.)
2. Smart sensors, meters and systems 
3. New materials for use with novel technologies 

​​​Electric bus systems

​​VTT is your partner of choice in planning and design of urban electric bus systems as well as electrification of other commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

​ ​​​

​​​​Battery technologies

Whether fully electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, commercial or passenger electric vehicle, electricity storage in batteries is the key technology and one of the most challenging components within the vehicle.

​ ​​​

​​​Battery testing facilities

Testing capabilities range from single cell tests to modules and full-sized battery systems in different environment and loading conditions.

​ ​​​

​​​Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Fuel cells are a modern means for an efficient and clean production of electricity anywhere where it is needed. Fuel cells are not dependent on the weather.

​ ​​​

​​​Techno-economic toolkits

Techno-economic assessment (TEA) is a generic tool in process and product development of all process industries and authorities requiring a systematic assessment of new ideas.

​ ​​​


Apros is multifunctional software for modelling and dynamic simulation of processes and different power plants. Apros can be used on an ordinary office computer.

​ ​​​

 ​Smart integration of energy systems

​Integrating distributed renewable energy sources (RES) into our current energy infrastructure has its challenges. Thanks to their very nature, most renewable energy sources are subject to rapidly fluctuating weather conditions. 

Before we commit to long-term investments, we must conduct detailed operability and energy grid connection analyses. These will help identify and eliminate different investment and operational risks. A similar analysis is required when analysing the integration benefits and operability of different energy systems. 

VTT provides multidisciplinary support and collaboration in energy system integration research, development and planning at national, regional and district levels. We have tailored our energy system and energy grid connection analysis modelling and simulation tools and services to virtually every scenario: for municipalities, energy companies, and energy-intensive industries. We are also on the lookout for system integration-related opportunities for different stakeholders.
Operability and business performance-related challenges are on the rise not only due to the increase in fluctuating RES production, but also due to different energy consumption profiles. The efficient use of versatile modelling and simulation tools enables the development of integrated system infrastructures with dependable operability and business performance.

Optimized interoperability and business performance of the energy systems

​In addition to multidisciplinary acumen accumulated over the course of decades, VTT’s 400 future energy systems experts have significant experience in building modelling and simulation tools for: 

1. Hybrid energy systems
2. Grid connection and resource control 
3. Power system and eMobility integration

Smart energy infrastructure and ICT solutions

Smart energy grids are the enablers of future energy systems. New energy system infrastructure plays a crucial role in the growth of renewable energy. It includes energy storage, smart charging solutions, demand side management, distributed energy production and micro grids. 

Without the development of new business models and novel ICT solutions, many energy sector opportunities cannot be exploited. Leveraging expertise from many disciplines is the key to success in developing novel ICT solutions.

VTT helps speed products and services to market

VTT provides multidisciplinary support in the research and development of novel energy system infrasructure, business models and ICT systems and services. We employ tailored modelling and simulation tools and services for energy system analysis. Our global research, development and commercialisation networks help speed customers' products and services to market.

Decarbonisation, energy self-sufficiency, energy security and eMobility are the main drivers for energy system transitions at national, regional and district levels. In the future, production capacity will be highly dependent on rapidly changing weather conditions and will require much more resilient, smarter systems than we have today. 

Enabling flexibility and performance for future energy systems

In addition to multidisciplinary acumen accumulated over the course of decades, VTT's 400 future energy systems experts leverage state-of-the-art piloting facilities and different tools for the research and development of:

  1. Smart energy infrastructures for improved system flexibility
  2. Solutions for energy data mining and business intelligence 
  3. Active energy market information and energy management  

​​​Electric bus systems 

VTT is your partner of choice in planning and design of urban electric bus systems as well as electrification of other commercial vehicles and mobile machinery. We support you in all key areas of the process.

​ ​​​

​​​Energy efficient ships

VTT presents a novel ship energy flow simulation platform to holistically design and operate ships more energy efficiently and environmentally friendly.

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