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Wireless access


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​Wireless technologies for the world's industry leaders 

We specialise in wireless network and device core technologies in antenna, radio systems and associated computing platforms. We have made a strong contribution to the research and development of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G communication systems. 

The challenge ahead concerns the integration of cognitive and cooperative networks. Increased data throughput creates a need for more efficient use of resources, especially of energy and of the radio spectrum. At the same time, there is a need to increase the performance and interoperability of both devices and access networks. We are actively engaged in solving both issues.

Developing the wireless technologies of tomorrow

We are actively engaged in building the communication systems of the future. We work with the many different types of access technologies—wireless sensor networks, personal area networks, wireless local area networks, wide area mobile communication, even broadcast—with a focus on optimising them for many kinds of use case scenarios.  

 Antennas and RF components for wireless access

Antennas and RF components are the most crucial parts of wireless systems. Their impact on connection performance is enormous. Optimising connection performance is one of the best ways of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Our RF component innovations help wireless device manufacturers to minimise their product size while retaining the best possible radio performance.

​​​Antennas and RF technologies »

We develop antennas, antenna arrays, components, circuits, modules and sub-systems to radio frequency communication and sensing applications. We collaborate with our customers from early phase concept research and development to final product optimizations.

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​​​On-wafer and antenna characterisation »

We offer on-wafer and antenna characterisation services through MilliLab, an ESA External Laboratory on Millimetre Wave Technology. MilliLab supplies services at millimetre wave and THz frequencies for industry and academia.   


 Hardware and software performance

By using VTT's hardware performance simulation tools and multicore architecture knowledge, our customers can be sure that the solutions they design fulfil the applicable capacity and performance requirements.

By utilizing our holistic approach towards SW testing, companies can significantly shorten the time needed for testing, while at the same time increasing their testing coverage. This reduces costs and makes the development process faster and more efficient.

​​​Computer system performance evaluation »

VTT's ABSOLUT approach reduces costs and risks in system design. ABSOLUT is a system-level performance simulation approach intended for early evaluation of embedded computer systems, and for exploring the design space.

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​​​Communication systems performance testing »

We have the most advanced laboratory facilities and tooling for performance testing and quality measurements that guarantee high-quality results.

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Software test automation »

At VTT, we help our customers utilise advanced software testing and test automation solutions to streamline their development processes. We work together to identify the bottlenecks in existing testing practices, and to apply the solutions and improvements best suited to the customers' technology and domain context.

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​​​Energy optimisation for embedded systems »

Our energy optimisation methods and solutions including dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) help achieve more peak computational power with less energy consumption.

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 Radio systems

Our existing solutions and competence in novel radio systems can help our customers to create appropriate wireless solutions for future demand.  By streamlining their processes with our help, our customers can bring their solutions to market more quickly and efficiently.

Smart resource management »

With the help of our methods for sensing the use of radio spectrum and network resources, decision making, and learning it is possible to implement cognitive radio systems with improved performance.

​​​Radio modem optimisation »

We design radio modems to improve system capacity and power, radio spectrum and cost efficiency, and reduce interference and detectability of wireless communication

Future radio research »

We help our customers to meet 5G communication requirements. Our new research results enable high date rates and high capacity mobile communication and low latency, reliable, low energy and low cost connections.

Radio system design and prototyping »

We help our customers to design and validate functionality and performance of radio systems. Our solutions enable improvement in system capacity and power, spectrum- and cost-efficiency of radio systems, and reduced interference and detectability in wireless communication.

Watch the video of our solution:

VTT Wireless Mesh solution video 

Security solutions

We can support companies in developing trustworthy platforms and ensuring the implementation of a sufficient security level at an early phase in the development process. We have extensive knowledge of security solutions based on standards and the use of certificates and keys, encryption and watermarking.

Security solutions for embedded systems »

We can support companies in developing trustworthy platforms and ensuring the implementation of a sufficient security level at an early phase in the development process. We have extensive knowledge of security solutions based on standards and the use of certificates and keys, encryption and watermarking.

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Cyber security for industrial control systems »

Since 2006, We have had a very strong background in developing cyber security solutions for various critical industries. Together with National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA), VTT persistently promoted and advanced the cyber security protection of national critical infrastructures in many ways over recent years.

data storage 

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Your R&D partner 

VTT works closely with major telecommunications players around the world. Our research environment includes development, modelling, simulation and real-time prototyping tools and platforms. We focus on developing solutions with real world applications. We take into account scalability, flexibility and cost-efficient production across the entire range of wireless access R&D.


​​Do you need support for your company's R&D process?

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​​Wireless mesh networks in harbour communications

Wireless mesh networks Customer: PSA, in charge of the port operations in Singapore harbour Wireless mesh

Challenge: Cargo handling goes automated in harbours
due to the need to intensify operations and cut expenses.

Wireless networks control Automated Guided Vehicles,
but Harbours are challenging for wireless communication making it difficult to offer required connectivity. 

Solution: VTT implemented  wireless mesh test and demo network in Singapore harbour that controls Automated Guided Vehicles and guarantees connectivity at all times. 

Key benefits: Solution enables control and use of AGVs in container handling in harbours and multiple networks can be utilised to guarantee connectivity at all times.