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Augmented reality and 3D tracking


VTT is leading the way with augmented reality applications and 3D tracking technology.

Several years of research background makes VTT today one of the strongest 3D tracking technology providers in the market. Commercial customers of VTT's tracking technology include Nokia and Inglobe Technologies.

Our marker-based tracking functionality is open sourced as A Library for Virtual and Augmented Reality (ALVAR SDK), with thousands of users around the world, for example ROS and Goblin XNA communities.

VTT's application development is based on strong proprietary 3D tracking technology, open sourced as ALVAR SDK and today also commercially licensed to international customers.

Augmented reality is most likely to alter research and industry

We have produced various world firsts in augmented reality (AR) implementation, ranging from games and entertainment to novel use cases in various industrial application areas. Predictions show AR to be one of the areas of innovation most likely to alter research and industry, and even the way we live our lives.

The key enabling software technology for augmented reality and mixed reality applications is 3D tracking, for example the ability to track camera location relative to target in real time. VTT's markerless tracking solutions are based on 3D point cloud reconstructions and feature detection, with optimal performance in speed, accuracy and robustness.

More demanding augmented reality applications than ever before

Among our various customer projects, we were the first in Scandinavia with publishing applications, including Aller Media, FutureCode and DNV, and one of the first in the world with augmented interior design, in collaboration with VividWorks. We have also created a path-breaking mobile AR for city planning decision-making, with FCG Finnish Consulting Group and the City of Helsinki.

Technology demonstrations such as mixed reality interaction with Second Life, which was created together with IBM and Nokia, have gained worldwide news coverage. 

Our latest examples show how AR technology can be used in the architecture, engineering and construction sector in increasingly demanding applications that link Building Information Model (BIM), time tables and other data sources to building construction and maintenance work targets.

See further information, videos, demos and publications at ».

DigiSpaces (Charles Woodward)

The project develops solutions for monitoring building's life cycle information based on BIM models and using mobile Augmented Reality / World Browsing technology. Research challenges include indoors locationing / tracking, where e.g. Nokia's HAIP technology will be utilized. Tekes TILA programme, project duration 2011-2013 and partners Skanska, Tekla, Pöyry, Granlund, Solibri, Nokia and Aalto University. PDF

MMR (Charles Woodward)

The project Mobile Mixed Reality (MMR) develops algorithms, methods and service applications to pilot user- and community-created, mixed reality, digital content and context-dependent search and presentation of content and information, particularly with the means of augmented reality. Part of larger project Devices Interoperability Ecosystem in ICT-SHOK (Tekes). Duration 2008-2010. Partners Nokia, Sesca, TKK, TUT. PDF, Website

AR4BC (Charles Woodward)

The project AR4BC (Augmented Reality for Building and Construction Industry) develops mobile augmented reality tools based on 4D BIM models. The applications enable real time visualization and comparison of scheduled plans with the actual sitation at construction site, as well as multimedia feedback to the BIM system using the mobile terminal. Research challenges include feature/model based markerless tracking, together with wireless transmission and interaction with large 4D BIM models. Tekes VAMOS programme. Duration 2008-2010. Partners Tekla, Skanska, Pöyry, Buildercom, DeskArtes, Adactive. PDF, PDF Finnish, Video, YouTube

AR-Sisustus (Charles Woodward)

The project develops augmented reality solutions for interior design applications. Augmented reality enables people to visualize virtual furniture models in real spaces, e.g. living rooms. The project research topics include both stand-alone, web based and mobile solutions, using different display devices such as PC monitor, hand held PCs, data glasses, and camera phones. Tekes TILA programme, duration 2008-2010, partners VividWorks, Floobs, Rautakesko, UPCode, DeskArtes, SenseTrix. PDF

MR-Conference (Charles Woodward)

The project will develop a prototype and proof-of-concept of video conference meeting taking place seamlessly between Second Life and the real world, by means of Mixed Reality. Some participants of the meeting occupy a space in Second Life while others are located around a table in the real world, however all participants visible in both two spaces simultaneously. The project is carried out on OpenSource basis in co-operation between VTT and HUT as research organizations, and Nokia and IBM as industrial partners. Tekes TILA programme, duration 2008-2009. PDF, Video

NOSE (Tommi Karhela)

The project NOSE (Nomadic Use of a Plant model) studies methods and tools for ubiquitous plant model usage. Location aware services, augmented and virtual reality techniques are studied in process industry surroundings in order to provide plant model services to a mobile device. Tekes Ubicom programme. Duration 2007-2009. Partners Pöyry, Fortum, Metso, Wärtsilä, Intergraph, Space Systems, Nokia, CADMatic, TR-Consulting. PDF

AugAsse (Tapio Salonen)

Augmented Assembly is a research project at VTT, where AR technology is applied to increase assembly efficiency. In augmenting assembly work, the assembly worker is guided by virtual objects of components and assembly tools, and visual assembly instructions. The worker sees the augmented view through light weight head mounted devices (e.g. data glasses), and sensors provide feedback from the performed operations. PDF Brochure

Plamos (Tommi Karhela)

The VTT funded project PLAMOS 2005-2007 integrates augmented reality user interface with information stored in process plant operative applications, i.e automaton systems, engineering databases and maintenance systems. The Plamos prototype utilises standard application interfaces when accessing information from plant databases to the maintenance workers' user interface. PDF Brochure, PPT Poster

NASE (Timo Urhemaa)

The NASE project brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers whose aim is to develop solutions for interactive environments that are embedded with various smart technologies. The solutions are understandable and easy to learn for the users. To reach this aim, the project applies a novel interaction concept, based on the concept of affordance. This interaction concept is called the "Affordance Table". PDF Brochure

Special (Stephen Fox)

Development and introduction of new production methods which can reduce production times and production costs of Special Products PDF Slides

MUSCLE (Sanni Siltanen)

MUSCLE is an EC-sponsored Network of Excellence that aims at establishing and fostering closer collaboration between research groups in multimedia datamining and machine learning. The Network integrates the expertise of over forty research groups working on image and video processing, speech and text analysis, statistics and machine learning. The goal is to explore the full potential of statistical learning and cross-modal interaction for the (semi-)automatic generation of robust meta-data with high semantic value for multimedia documents. Website


INTUITION is a Network Of Excellence focused on virtual reality and virtual environments applications for future workspaces. It is funded by the European Union, and operates under the 6th Framework of the European Commission (IST). The Network includes 58 partners and it is being coordinated by the Institute Of Communication And Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. Website

ARARAT (Charles Woodward)

Augmented Reality applications for architecural design were developed in the ARARAT project, launced between VTT, TEKES and ten Finnish architecture/construction companies in 2004. The work in the ARARAT project included developing the mobile AR visualisation system to new platforms and devices, augmenting of virtual scale models, as well as development of new solutions for augmented interior design. PDF Brochure

INMOVE (Seppo Valli)

The VTT coordinated INMOVE project (Intelligent mobile video environment, IST 2001-37422) designed a software toolkit which enables the provision of a new range of intelligent video based services to end users in various mobile/wireless networks. INMOVE project started at the beginning of September 2002 and was completed August 2004.

PB-AmI (Sanni Siltanen)

PB-AmI (Physical Browsing For Ambient Intelligence). The main purpose is to develop, demonstrate and evaluate physical browsing paradigm and generic user interface paradigm to be used with mobile terminals (smart phones and PDAs) in ubiquitous digital environment. Physical browsing demonstration application using optical browsing was implemented with camera phone, using 2D barcodes as Visual Tags. Mobile phone automaticly detects the code and reads the information, and acts according to it. Project started 2004 and will continue until end of 2005. Concept Diagram

SymBall (Charles Woodward)

In the project a mobile game called SymBall was developed. The game allows two player wireless table tennis using camera phones as rackets. The application was developed for Symbian OS/Series 60 and it offers totally new user interface concept - instead of joystick or keyboard the game is controlled by physically moving your phone. This movement is detected by analysing the movement detected in the phone's camera. PDF Poster

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People Tracking and Counting Solution Based on Depth Camera Data

VTT's customer tracking solution will provide exact information on people location and routes in the store. We can provide interpretations of tracking data such as heat map presentations of customer routes and dwelling time analysis. YouTube


3D Tracking of Mobile Device Using Several Pointclouds

The video demonstrates accurate 3D location and orientation detection on tablet device. The application guides the consumer to finding different products in a retail scenario.Tracking is based on an image database and a 3D point clouds. Local pointcloud is dynamically loaded for each hotspot. The pointclouds and image databases are made off-line using images taken by the user and by a robot. The autonomous robot collects also additional information for aligning all the data for global coordinates. YouTube


Mobile Augmented Reality for Building Maintenance

Mobile Augmented Reality system combining Building Information Model (BIM) and Facility Management System (FMS) with real-time feature based tracking and sensor fusion, implemented in DigiSpaces project by VTT. YouTube


Augmented Reality Display of Measured Device Data

Demonstration of an Augmented Reality interface for monitoring energy consumption and other process data related to physical devices. Part 1: Marker-based AR using iPhone. Part 2: Markerless tracking on Windows PC. Implementation using ALVAR SDK. YouTube



A technical video showcasing the features available in ALVAR 2, a library for virtual and augmented reality. First, a simple augmented reality application is shown where a 3D version of the ALVAR logo is rendered on top of a marker. Next, all of the samples found in the SDK are presented to show what ALVAR is capable of. Finally, the more advanced demos of the SDK are presented to show how ALVAR can be integrated with a rendering engine. Please visit our website for more information on ALVAR and instructions to download the SDK. ALVAR is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1, or any later version. YouTube


Visualization of Hotel Plans

Mobile Augmented Reality visualization of a new inner city district "Jätkäsaari" plans in Helsinki, including the town's tallest building KämpTower (33 floors). The plans were presented live on site to Helsinki city planning officials on March 6, 2012. YouTube


Augmented Reality Advertising Campaign

Mobile AR (iPhone) advertisement of the new Sparkly Brut drink by Sinebrychoff, pubished in November 2011 issue of the Elle Magazine. Keep the 3D bottle standing for 15 seconds and as reward get a mobile discount coupon for Sparkly. Share the coupon with friends and utilize it in the nearest bar/restaurant. Campaign ended on January 22, 2012. YouTube


Visualization of Architectural Plans

Mobile Augmented Reality visualization of architectural plans. Building of a new hotel complex is being planned at Raseborg town in Finland. Municipal decision makers go on a walking tour at the site and view the 3D plans using N900 mobile phones. YouTube


Mirror World Interactions

Video teleconference between real world and virtual world. Video screens are used to display avatars among real people. Implementation was done in project Mirror Worlds Interaction (MWI). YouTube


Augmented Product Package

Look inside the box! Augmented reality applied in a retail setting to augment product packages. In the first version, a perspective menu is displayed and the user can view product information as well as look inside the box. In the second version, the augmented reality view is shown by default and a menu bar allows for navigation of the product information. Implemented on Nokia N900 and Apple iPhone 4. Work in co-operation with Tieto. YouTube


Mobile World Congress 2011

Augmented reality demonstration created for the 2011 Mobile World Congress. The device detects image markers and renders an animated character. Implemented on Apple iPhone 4. YouTube


Shanghai World Expo 2010

Augmented reality demonstration created for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The device first displays an animated welcome screen. When the user picks up the device, motion is detected and the augmented reality view is launched showing a character on the marker. The user can interact with the character or listen to the character speak depending on the marker. Next, a video appears and seamlessly transitions to fullscreen playback. Implemented on Nokia N900. Work in co-operation with Nokia and FinPro. YouTube


ALVAR for Virtools

AlvarForVirtools is a BuildingBlocks plug-in for 3DVia Virtools 5.0 implementing the main functionalities of ALVAR 1.3.0 Basic. With it you can use the drag-and-drop programming interface of Virtools for making marker based applications. See the PDF for more details. For licensing options and other questions please contact AVI, WMV 1, WMV 2, WMV 3


Mixed Reality Live Concert

Live concert side by side both in real world and in second life. In addition to the avatar performers a live video of the concert and the audience is streamed to the second life. The second life audience is also shown on the real world on two 5x4 meter screens. YouTube


Multitouch Screens

Construction and evaluation of Multitouch screens using multiple cameras located on the side of the display. The display edges opposite the cameras are illuminated and fingers are detected since they block the light in the camera images. We analyzed the potential accuracy and robustness of the system using several simulations and presented two different real-life implementations. (See ITS2010) YouTube


Dibidogs Augmented Reality Book

Augmented reality children's book Dibidogs, now available in all bookstores in Finland. The book is a side product of the animated 3D TV series Technical features include camera based interactions, as well as photorealistic rendering tuned up for AR. YouTube


VividAR for Interior Design

VividAR is an augmented reality solution for interior design, by our customer company VividWorks Using VividAR, consumers are able to select and configure furniture by several manufacturers, and immediately see the furniture placed in photos of their own living rooms and apartments. MOV


Mobile Augmented Visualization

Mobile augmented visualization of Skanska's new office building in Helsinki. The work was done as part of AR4BC project (Augmented Reality for Building and Construction). WMV


Photorealistic Rendering for Augmented Reality

Photorealistic rendering for Augmented reality. Uses soft shadows, indirect lighting and image quality matching. Various materials like glass, chrome or plastic are possible. Lighting is automatically determined from a ping pong ball. WMV


Augmentation of New Equipment

Augmentation of new equipment in Forchem Tall Oil Refinery using markerless tracking. AVI


Augmented Collaboration in Mixed Environments

Mixed Reality Conference. Second Life viewer modified to support augmented reality. WMV, YouTube


Multitouch Display in CAVE

Multitouch display used for interaction in CAVE. Making any flat surface into a multitouch surface using several coplanar cameras. WMV


Markerless Tracking

Camera based interactions and markerless tracking demo. WMV


Floor Plan Augmentation

3D Model augmentation using floor plan. WMV


Simulation of Maintenance Robot

Augmented Reality simulation of maintenance robot movements inside the Divertor Region Mock-up of the ITER fusion reactor. WMV


Augmented Reality 4 Building Construction

Introduction to augmented reality (AR) and information about AR4BC project. WMV


Multimarker Tracking

EKF-based camera tracking and multimarker. WMV


Augmented Assembly

Demonstration of Augmented Assembly with pilot case by tractor company Valtra plc. WMV


Augmented Assembly with Mobile Phones

Augmented Assembly with mobile phones. WMV


Muscle Showcase

Muscle NoE showcase. Multimodal interface for augmented assembly. WMV


May Day Masks


May Day ("Vappu") masks augmented on mobile phones.  WMV


Augmented Reality on Camera Phones

Lightweight augmented reality on camera phones using 2D images to simulate 3D. WMV


Interactive Outdoor Mobile Augmentation

Interactive outdoor mobile augmentation using markerless tracking and GPS. 3D-Objects added on Google Earth can be visualized on-site with a location aware mobile device — ie. "Google Earth on Earth". WMV 1, WMV 2


Visualizing Metso Minerals LT100

Visualizing Metso Minerals LT110 mobile jaw plant 3D Model on site. WMV



Our PhoneMouse software enables using mobile phone as a wireless mouse for your PC. The system is based on motion detection of the camera phone's live video stream, applicable in many other contexts (e.g. our Pingis game) as well.


Augmented Reality Interiors


Augmented reality in virtual furnishing. Place virtual furniture on normal digital images taken from your room. Supports soft shadows and light adjustment controls for increased reality. WMV, MOV, RM


Realtime Texture Generation

Very realistic realtime texture generation algorithm for hiding marker in augmented reality applications. WMV


Architectural Scale Model

Mixed Reality collaboration with an architectural scale model, augmented on the conference table. The user interface is based on a virtual pop-up menu. Vision-based markerless tracking enables free inspection and virtual reality walk-through of the model. WMV, RM



CamBall is an augmented virtual tennis game played over Internet/LAN using real rackets. SymBall is its counterpart camera phones, where the table tennis game is played using the mobile phones as rackets! WMV, RM


Augmented Reality on PDA

Implementation of an Augmented Reality system running on a PDA device. The video shows an application of the system with visualisation of our current head offices "Digitalo" in 2003.


Mobile Web Services Pilot

Mobile Web Services Pilot was developed in the WAMPPI project.


XVQ Method

The XVQ method is used for wireless viewing of 3D CAD models on a PDA device.