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Fibre recovery

Recover cellulosic materials by dissolving

VTT develops technologies with which cellulosic materials can be recovered by dissolving, and which can be applied in textiles:

  1. Refining the pulp fibres from recycled paper and board for textiles
  2. Recovering cotton by means of dissolving it
  3. Recovering cellulosic materials from mixed fibre waste

The re-use of clothes and mechanical recycling of textile fibres face problems in volume. Novel recycling methods enable utilization of clothes as well paper & packaging materials for upcycling to textile fibres even if the original fibre material has already lost its properties.

Join us to create a new industry based on fibre upcycling to textiles.

VTT recent references in this field are, for example

  • Upgrading waste hygiene materials for special cellulose products instead of ending up in landfill (Fater)
  • Upgrading recycled fibres for Ioncell-F textile fibres (DWoc project with Aalto) DWoC1.pdf

Our competence and the focus of research in the recent past

VTT utilizes its competences in fibre processing with chemical, mechanical and enzymatic means and developed carbamate-dissolving technology. In future, the competence of the modification of polyester fibres will also be used.

VTT has studied the preparation of dissolving pulp from recycled paper and board fibres. Different treatments were combined to purify the recycled fibres in order to meet the quality parameters of commercial dissolving pulp. After the purification, the prepared dissolving pulps were tested using carbamate technique and wet spinning, and the techno-economic feasibility of the purification process and production of carbamate cellulose was evaluated.
At the moment, purification of other recycled material such as textiles is being studied. 

Research facilities, networks

VTT has versatile laboratory equipment to carry out treatments for different cellulose-based materials or fibres. VTT has developed technologies for dissolving cellulose for the production of regenerated man-made fibre materials with cellulose carbamate technology. Liukosellujen testaukseen VTT:llä on regenerointi- ja märkäkehruuympäristöt.

In this new field, we have undertaken project together with a hygiene products company.

At this moment our knowledge of fibre recovery will best serve the forest, textile and hygiene product industries.