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Bioeconomy and circular economy


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Renewable chemicals

We combine five distinct disciplines, including biotechnology and green process chemistry, to push the bounds of bio-based monomer development.

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​​​Sustainable energy and fuels

Our biofuels solutions are in use around the world. Our focus is on sustainable non-food materials like cane stalks, forest residues, straw and other lignocellulosic raw materials.​

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​​​Biobased materials

New biomaterials are waiting for a breakthrough - with our knowhow in biomass processing and enzymology as well as fibre and composite technologies we can help you create innovative processes and value added products. ​

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​​Valuable inorganics

VTT offers tailor-made solutions for materials recycling and reprocessing as well as metals and minerals recovery and reuse.

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​​​Healthy and sustainable food and beverages

We develop new concepts for the food and beverage sector. We enable consumers to choose healthy, sustainable and tasty foods wherever they go.​

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Key technology platforms for bioeconomy

We can provide you with world-class expertise and technology development based on solutions for sustainable use of natural resources and the environment.

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Why partner with VTT?

  1. We offer our customers and partners multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business competences. Several strong scientific focus areas create a flexible platform for radically new technology and business development.

  2. We have world-class research environments and solid IPR assets. Benefit from our unique R&D infrastructure which enables the development chain from basic research and process development up to prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our intellectual property is considerable and we are flexible on the terms of intellectual property developed in commissioned research and development projects.

  3. We have a proven track record: 9% of Global Fortune 500 companies are already our customers. By engaging in collaboration with us, they have promoted the creation of new businesses, improved current processes, practices and products and boosted the productivity of their R&D activities.

VTT Scientist 


Working with VTT is a great experience, their flexibility and multi-technology competencies are unmeasurable assets that help us speed up our R&D.”    

Jean-Paul Leonetti , VP, R&D Director, Deinove


With the expertise of VTT, UPM was able to verify that their new renewable diesel fuel is well-suited for all diesel vehicles and wide commercialisation.    

Marko Snellman, Commercial Manager, Biofuels, UPM-Kymmene Oyj