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Remote sensing


​Applying artificial intelligence in remote sensing

As an impact of global drivers of forestry (climate change, population growth, diminishing resources), the demand for woody biomass and timber products is increasing at the same time as areas available for forestry are diminishing. This means that the areas available for forestry need to be better managed, and forest areas in difficult locations become more interesting. There is an increased demand for monitoring and analytical valuation tools and services for forest resource management.

The on-going earth observation programs, in particular the European Copernicus program and commercial satellite missions that provide imagery with sub-meter accuracy, offer global image acquisitions more often than weekly. Huge data volumes make it possible to get information from the state of the forest anywhere in the world from satellite images with the help of machine learning and AI tools. 

Turning satellite data into value adding information

We develop advanced interpretation methods and image analysis systems. The results are introduced to user community. We are  leading the Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform, which is designed to answer the needs that have emerged from the dramatically increased data supply.  The cloud platform offers an online working environment and services, with a broad spectrum of means to turn satellite data to value adding information products. The platform can be used by academic, public and commercial sectors to offer readily made products, services or tools to their customers.

Remote sensing techniques improve forest management, forest carbon monitoring and advance sustainable forestry in a cost-effective way. Satellite images make it possible to have up-to-date information also from remote hard-to-reach areas.

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