VTT’s patents – foundation for a new business or breathing new life into an old one

We offer our partners an extensive and multidisciplinary patent portfolio. VTT has nearly 2,000 patents or patent applications in about 400 patent families and new inventions are emerging at a good pace.

All our patents can be licensed and some can also be purchased at market prices. We can also transfer a patent or patent licences to a company as an investment, in which case the company pays for it in shares instead of money. 

Our patents have laid the foundation for many new businesses and breathed new life into old ones.

VTT technology expertise supporting growth

To match our customers’ needs, we compile packages of our patent families that not only include the patent licences but also documented know-how or support from the team that has developed the technology in question. This way, we can help the licence holder to further develop the patented technology and to introduce it to the market successfully.
We also protect the business of licence holders by actively monitoring our patent rights. 

Our customers can benefit from our technology expertise when commercialising their own patents and creating their patent strategy. We look into what would make the customer’s patent portfolio more attractive in the licensing market or in corporate acquisitions. In addition, we can help the customer develop missing technology. 

Sienirihmastosta valmistettu materiaali

Patent rights in VTT’s customer projects

When a customer purchases a VTT project as an assignment, the pre-process of the project involves looking into which patent licences the customer may need from VTT in order to utilise the results of the project.  Our starting point is that the customer owns the project results and related inventions.

An exception is a set of select VTT technologies and the patents protecting them that are very widely suited for different customers and several markets. With these technologies, we want to ensure that the new inventions created in our customer projects do not prevent the widespread use of our existing patents. In cases like this, we will retain the ownership of the inventions created in the projects, and the customer will hold the licences to inventions, patents and other project results. 

Greatest benefit without exclusive rights

We prefer non-exclusive licences so that scientific and technological achievements can benefit companies and society as a whole as quickly and as widely as possible. In addition, our patent offering is subject to the terms and conditions required of public research and technology organisations. Among other things, this means that we may exclude certain uses of our patents.

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