User privacy, third-party software used in the web service, data stored in browsers, and cookies

Users may access the website of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland at using a computer or similar terminal device. VTT is fully compliant with current legislation and protects the privacy of all visitors to its website in accordance with these regulations.

Software and technologies used on the site

VTT utilises different technical software solutions on its site and in its services for the technical implementation of the site and the delivery of said services to users. Part of the software is used to create analyses and compile statistics on the use of the site and user experiences. Part of the software makes it possible to provide targeted advertising on third-party services to users on the basis of how they use the site. This is done with the user’s consent. Part of the software allows for the personalisation of the user’s browsing experience on or other services.

The software described above utilise different technologies to implement their functions and services. They may store data on the user’s terminal device with the help of cookies or other Web Storage technologies (local storage, session storage). This data is used, for example, to identify the user’s browser and merge separate page views into a single session. Some cookies are used to implement the site’s technical functionality, such as remembering the language version selected by the user or identifying and preventing harmful traffic to the site. Based on the user’s consent, the site may utilise software that uses the data stored in the user’s browser to target and personalise ads and contents in third-party services.

Please note that, by default, your terminal device’s web browser allows various software to store data in your browser. This data can be deleted from the browser after you have finished using the service, or its use can be disabled from the web browser's settings.

Choosing which software may be used on the site

If you are visiting the site for the first time, you will receive a notification where you will be prompted to either approve the use of different software on the site or change your settings to prevent the software from running on the website and storing new data in your browser. Any software that requires your consent will not start until you have approved it. You can change these settings or revoke your consent at any time from the settings menu. If you do not see the notification, it is because you approved it previously or you have blocked the Google Tag Manager tool from downloading any software that requires approval.

The software used on the site, the data stored by them, and the basics of data processing

Technical implementation of the online service


Drupal is a content management system that is used to maintain and display the contents of the site to users. Drupal is necessary for the implementation of the service. Drupal does not store any personal data about the site’s users. Drupal may utilise first-party cookies to implement its technical functionalities, such as administrator logins or displaying messages to the users of the online service.
Cookies used by Drupal: nmstat, vttlastChatTime, vttconnKey, vttprotos, vttstarted, vttusername, vttchatAs, vttchats, vttchatName, vttvisitorKey, vttl_act, Vttlz_last_poller_vtt, vttnotifmsgs

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager tool is used to manage the site’s downloadable third-party software, codes, and tracking pixels. Google Tag Manager does not store any data about the users of the site, and it does not store any data on the user's terminal device apart from data related to the technical functionality of the site. For example, what software you have approved in your site settings.
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Developing the site and compiling user statistics on the basis of the legitimate interest of VTT

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to compile of statistics on the use of the website and develop the user experience. It stores various types of data about how the site is used. This data is associated with an anonymous ClientID that is stored in the user’s terminal device (first-party cookie). This identifier is used to compile statistics on frequent visitors to the site. The user’s IP address is anonymised before being stored in the software's database. In addition, the following data is stored in the software’s database: which pages have been accessed and how often, which terminal devices have been used to view the site, and the services that have directed users to the site. The basis for the use of the software is monitoring, maintaining and developing the operation and performance of the website; compiling statistics on the contents used; and measuring the impact of marketing-oriented communications.
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Legitimate interest balance test


Hotjar stores anonymised information on how users have interacted with the site (such as viewed pages, page scrolling, and clicked elements). The software is also used to implement user surveys and store the answers to these surveys. The software stores various types of data in first and third-party cookies, including: anonymous ID identifiers, information about the surveys displayed, whether the user has responded to the survey, etc. The basis for the use of the software is the development of the functionality and performance of the site; improving the user experience and user-friendliness; and developing the user interface of the service.
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Legitimate interest balance test


Leadfeeder helps VTT’s personnel identify the companies visiting the site as well as compile statistics on the contents that have been accessed on the site on a per-company basis. The software does not process any personal user data. All companies are identified on the basis of the IP address space of the browser that loaded the site. The software automatically discards any data from addresses that are not part of a corporate IP address space. The reports produced by the software cannot be used to analyse the behaviour of individual site users.
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Personalised contents and targeted advertising on the basis of the user's consent

By consenting to re-targeted advertising and the transfer of data related to how you use the site, you agree to the utilisation of the following software on the site and how they use this data. You can influence your targeted advertising and personalisation choices across the web at: and You may grant or revoke your consent at any time from the tracking settings


Leadoo software is used for automated customer service on the site using a Chat robot. In addition, the software forms and chat functionality collects leads, directs customer contacts to the right person at VTT, enriches corporate customer contact information with information from public sources, and combines browsing history on the user's site with contact or chat interaction to maximize our customer service or quality of interaction with our sales representative. Leadoo software stores cookies, or other anonymized tags, in the user's browser to identify the user returning to the site, associate separate pageviews, and maintain a chat conversation and chat history with the user. The information that may be stored as a user's personal information includes the user's IP address, as well as the user's e-mail, company and name information, if the user provides them in a Leadoo form or in a chat. In this case, the data can be enriched on the basis of the user's e-mail or company information with the help of information obtained from the company's open sources (e.g. Industry, turnover category). The information collected will not be passed on to third parties, but some of the information may be transferred for processing outside the EU. For example, Company Information provided by a user is transferred outside the EU to enrich the Company's information.
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AdForm is used to display ads to the user in advertising partner networks after the user has visited the site. The software is used to record the effectiveness of advertising and for the development of marketing practices. The software collects information on how the site is used, the user’s terminal device type, the browser used, and what ads the user has seen or clicked on in connection with the online service. The software generates an identifier for the user that is stored in a third-party cookie. It can also run similar software for advertising partners and provide them with information on how the site is used. The user's ad identifier can be forwarded to other advertising partners. These partners are listed on the AdForm website.
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Twitter Advertising, Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Twitter's advertising software is used to enable re-targeted advertising to the user on the basis of their interactions in the online service. In addition, the software can be used to measure the effectiveness of Twitter advertising. The software stores data about the pages viewed on the site, all realised advertising objectives, the user’s IP address, the user's Twitter ID. The software stores e.g. the user’s Twitter identifier in a third-party cookie.
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Linkedin Ads & Analytics

Linkedin's advertising software is used to retarget advertising to the user based on their interactions with the online service. The software can be used to record the effectiveness of Linkedin’s advertising. The software stores the user’s anonymised Linkedin identifier, IP address, personalisation identifier. The software utilises third-party cookies as well as other technologies.
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Facebook Custom Audience & Connect

Facebook's advertising software is used to retarget advertising to the user based on their interactions with the online service. The software can be used to record the effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising. The software stores the user’s anonymised Facebook identifier, IP address, and information about how they used the site. The software utilises third-party cookies as well as other technologies.
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Google Ads

Google Ads stores data about how the website has been used, which ads the user has seen or clicked in relation to the website. The software stores an anonymised ad identifier for your browser and may also store it in a third-party cookie. The software is used for advertising statistics and for targeting advertising to users in different online services.
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Hubspot Track

Hubspot Track stores data about the pages and content downloaded by the user, the forms the user has sent on the site, their IP address, and the anonymised user identifier used by the software. The software stores first-party cookies in your browser. The software also combines data about the contents the user has seen on the site with the data stored in the Hubspot Forms software. The software is used to implement the site's various functionalities (forms and landing pages). In addition to this, it is used to monitor and record how the site is used. Customers in the Hubspot marketing register can be provided with personalised communications and services after they have joined the register.
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Processing basis: The delivery of a service and implementation of a contract at a user’s request or after being contacted by a user

By using the contact methods or forms provided on this site, including the subscription forms for newsletters and bulletins, you consent to the storage of your data in the marketing register maintained with these software solutions. We will use the data you provide to implement the agreement or to stay in touch with you. The data you provide may be combined with other data in our possession. We will never sell or transmit any personal data you have provided to third parties without your express request or permission.

Hubspot Forms

Hubspot Forms is used to store the data entered by the user in a form, including any personal data entered by the user. The software stores the data in VTT’s Hubspot marketing register and enables the provision of marketing-related communications and messages to the user.
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For further information on the data in VTT's marketing registers is protected, visit:

Changing tracking settings

You can change your consent status or object to oppose to the usage of different tools in the tracking settings.

Tracking settings