Smart health and diagnostics


Very high-quality research in the field of health is carried out in Finland. VTT develops smart health and well-being technologies and services together with its customers.

In Finland, health research is accelerated by our excellent ICT expertise and government support for the development of artificial intelligence, along with the unique health and genomic data bank that also exists on Finnish people. Health registers have been compiled over a long period of time, and researchers have access to materials from throughout Finland.

The Smart Health ecosystem develops new treatment methods, drugs and well-being products.

VTT is actively involved in the Finnish Smart Health ecosystem, supporting the utilisation of the health data compiled in national registers for the development of new treatment methods, drugs and well-being products. It is also possible to attract international business to ecosystems.

For its customers, VTT is a partner in research, development and innovation activities. We help develop well-being and health technologies, such as diagnostic tests, process measurement solutions, and health-promoting concepts for the food industry.

Do you want to develop smart health solutions with us? Find out more about our services below or contact us to set up a bespoke partnership. 

Elina M. Mattila
Elina M. Mattila
Customer Account Lead
Kari Kohtamäki
Kari Kohtamäki