Recyclable and renewable materials

A close up photo of a hand holding up green recycled plastic chips.

To create a sustainable future, VTT’s research and innovation seeks to replace fossil-based raw materials with renewable or recycled options and to enable infinite circulation of material resources.

To combat climate change and save global resources, the production of materials needs to quickly move from virginal fossil raw materials to renewable or recyclable feedstocks. For instance, applications produced from wood fibre can be fully recyclable, have significant value and use waste steams as feedstock.

We’ve helped clients create food and product packaging applications that are fully recyclable and made of biobased materials.

VTT researches and develops methods for creating novel, high-performing, sustainable materials. For instance, we work on converting plastic packaging waste into new materials through pyrolysis and gasification. We’ve helped clients create food and product packaging applications that are recyclable and made of biobased materials as well as new solutions that turn waste cellulose into textile fibres. We believe that in the 2030s, cellulose will be found in clothes, cars, household appliances, intelligent energy systems and, perhaps, even inside humans. 

VTT can help bring together huge ecosystems and development projects, creating new solutions for the bioeconomy and material research.

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Kristoffer Lund

Kristoffer Lund

Solution Sales Lead
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Ali Harlin

Research Professor