Food production


The world needs a fundamental shift in how we produce and consume food. VTT helps companies reap the benefits of the new Food Economy 4.0 through applied science.

By 2050, we need 60% more food to feed growing populations. At the same time, the carbon emissions of food production need to be reduced drastically. This means new opportunities for both traditional companies and innovative challengers in the food sector.  

VTT is a research and innovation partner for forerunners in the food industry. We have envisioned a new Food Economy 4.0 – a sustainable consumer-centric ecosystem that connects traditional and new food producers to consumers in new ways. The increase in vegetarian and vegan food, individual selection, consumer-oriented business, online stores, new service models, and local production utilising new technology are examples of the changes already taking place.  

In the future, we believe consumers can find healthier, more sustainable and personalised food options through digital channels. Food producers will use nature’s raw materials more efficiently and create wholly novel, sustainable proteins and production methods. The end goal is to ensure the sufficiency of food, cut carbon emissions and serve people’s needs for healthy, sustainable and tasty food products.  

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Jukka Vainionpää
Jukka Vainionpää
Customer Account Lead