This decade will see the revolutionising power of biotechnology. In accordance with global sustainability goals, VTT works with industries globally in the transition to a bioeconomy where industrial chemicals, fuels and everyday materials are produced from renewable resources.

Biotechnology is currently one of the fastest developing technologies, largely because the transition through circular economy to a sustainable economy requires new ways of using and producing raw materials for industrial purposes. 

At VTT we develop different living cell factories such as microbes (bacteria, yeasts and moulds), algae, plants and plant cells for the sustainable production of biomass, various ingredients, high-value chemicals and proteins. Our approach guarantees a sustainable supply, safe and contained production processes and economical and environmentally friendly end-products for our clients. 

VTT’s speciality is in transferring ideas from labs to industrial-scale production facilities.

Our speciality is in transferring ideas from labs to industrial-scale production facilities to help our clients speed up their go-to-market capabilities. Additional areas of expertise include biotransformation, cold storage of plant cells and bioactivity testing. Our most valuable microbial and plant cell lines are available in the VTT culture collection.

Biotechnology will transform the everyday life of consumers and the processes of industrial production in unpredictable and exciting ways. As an example, synthetic biology is already proving to be a truly transformational technology, enabling the editing of DNA in creating production organisms for the future bioeconomy.  

Jari Rautio
Jari Rautio
Solution Sales Lead, Industrial Biotechnology and Food