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The future lies in smart, low-carbon cities. VTT’s research into the built environment is recognised worldwide. Our innovations in the field of sustainable development, urban planning and energy supply help to build a better society.

Future cities will be low-carbon environments in which people can live, work and enjoy themselves with the help of smart technology. 

Our research into the built environment is recognised worldwide.

VTT carries out internationally recognised multidisciplinary research into the built environment. Our innovative and cost-effective low-carbon solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies. We also advocate inclusive regional and urban development. Our international partnerships have bred numerous innovations that also benefit Finnish cities, society and businesses.

We develop, among other things, innovative management and control systems that can be used to optimise the energy consumption of buildings. We have also developed a range of tools that help urban planners to evaluate the impacts of different options in advance and liaise with stakeholders. Examples of our work include, among others, a city built in accordance with sustainable development principles in Nepal, which is now steering urban development in a sustainable direction worldwide.

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Kirsi Kotilainen
Kirsi Kotilainen
Solution Sales Lead, Smart Energy and Built Environment