Smooth human-automation collaboration and work well-being can be supported by plug-and-play software solutions

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The industry is increasingly digitalized and automated based on advancements in robotics and other key technologies. However, manufacturing industry is still employing over 20 % of the total European labour force. Human workers continue to have a major role in factories, even if the work tasks change as automation is increased. Successful solutions combine the best capabilities of human workers and automation, and their design is driven by supporting meaningful work and well-being.

SHOP4CF (Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories) is an EU-funded project within the eighth framework program Horizon 2020. The project targets to the convenient deployment of industrial applications that support smooth human-automation collaboration and work well-being. SHOP4CF solutions are provided on a common platform as plug-and-play solutions that can be used by various industries. The Technical University of Munich is coordinating the project and VTT leads the human-centric approach.  

The project consortium has implemented for instance solutions that support the collaboration between human workers and fixed or mobile robots, augmented reality solutions for worker guidance as well as solutions to support predictive maintenance.

In addition to the development work taking place in the SHOP4CF project, the consortium is also supporting the development activities of external companies via open calls. The project is funding the development and piloting of solutions that solve real challenges in manufacturing environments and improve human safety and well-being. In previous two open calls, 17 external projects have been funded with totally 1.7 million euros. The third open call was opened in the beginning of September 2022. 

Project timeline: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2023

Contacts at VTT:
Päivi Heikkilä, [email protected]
Eija Kaasinen, [email protected] (open calls)

Consortium partners:

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Päivi Heikkilä
Päivi Heikkilä