Non-exhaust emissions in electrifying mining and urban environment (NEX-EL)

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Non-exhaust emissions in electrifying mining and urban environment (NEX-EL) -research project studies harmful particle and gas emissions and their air quality effects in mining and urban environment as well as emission reduction methods.

Electrification of work machines and vehicles reduces air quality effects of exhaust gases. The NEX-EL studies what kind of emission sources and emissions exists in mining and urban environment in the future when the number of vehicles with combustion engines decreases. In this case, air quality effects of brakes, tires and different mining operations such as blastings are emphasized. The research will be conducted experimentally in mining, urban and laboratory environments as well as by means of modelling.

The research partners of the NEX-EL project are VTT (coordinator), Finnish Meteorological Institute, Tampere University and University of Oulu.

Participating companies and public sector organizations are: Airmodus, Dekati, Forcit, Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY, Outokumpu, Pegasor, Ramboll Finland, Sandvik, Satel and Tapojärvi. The NEX-EL is part of Sandvik Shift´25 research programme. The main funding source of the project is Business Finland. The NEX-EL project started in March 2023 and will end in February 2026.

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Anssi Järvinen
Anssi Järvinen
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