Transport and mobility impact assessment and foresight

VTT’s transport and mobility impact assessment and foresight produce reliable and evidence-based knowledge on the impacts of measures such as new technologies, technological systems, services and policy instruments to support decision making among transport authorities, cities, service providers and automobile industry. The created knowledge supports the transition towards sustainable mobility, which is safe and green for all users. Our assessments cover the behaviour and viewpoint of travellers and goods as well as road and railway transport systems.

Key facts about our transport and mobility impact assessments

We offer: evaluation of transport and mobility services and systems and their impacts, tools for traffic safety evaluation and accident analysis as well as transport policy analysis and foresight

Our strengths: transport system-level perspective, holistic and versatile methodologies, reliable and evidence-based knowledge

Our customers include: transport authorities, service providers and companies in the automobile industry

VTT – your partner in evaluating transport and mobility services and systems

We are here to help you when it comes to researching active mobility, mobility services (including e-mobility), road and railway safety measures, traffic management services and systems, connected and automated driving, as well as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

Our transport and mobility impact assessment expertise covers traffic safety, efficiency and environment, personal mobility, driver and traveller behaviour, vehicle operations, user acceptance and HMI, quality of life, and socio-economics.

In addition to assessing the direct effects of transport systems and services, our transport and mobility assessments can also tackle global challenges by identifying wider socio-technical changes as well as indirect, long-term implications of changes in traffic environment, driver and traveller behaviour, infrastructure and vehicles.

  • Our impact assessments are based on verifiable data gathered from field experiments, traffic simulations, statistics and traffic databases.
  • We can scale up the assessment results from small-scale field experiments and simulations to the national or even European level.
  • Our transport assessment approach is highly multidisciplinary
  • We leverage VTT’s unique research infrastructure and a broad competence portfolio in other domains to your benefit.

Traffic safety evaluation and accident analysis tools

We have developed widely recognised, scientifically founded traffic safety evaluation and accident analysis tools that support the transport authorities and cities in their traffic safety related decision making to efficiently improve road and railway safety. 

Our traffic safety evaluation tool ‘TARVA’ can be used to estimate both the current safety situation of roads and level crossings and the safety effects and cost-effectiveness of different safety measures and their combinations. The tool covers all public roads and road-rail level crossings in Finland and is regularly used by the Finnish road and rail authorities. TARVA also features Lithuanian roads. 

Our accident database analysis tool ‘ONHA’ enables the advanced use of disaggregated road accident data. The tool provides an easy way to combine different types of data from different sources: data on the accident itself as well as on the people or units involved in the accident. ONHA has been applied to Finnish, Swedish and Lithuanian injury accident data.

The European Risk Calculation tool ‘ERiC’, can be used to scale up the estimated safety effect of investigated systems from simulations and field pilots to the European level. 

Our recent studies have focused on automated driving functions, C-ITS, road infrastructure safety measures, ITS directed to vulnerable road users, level crossing safety measures as well as measures to prevent train-person collisions. 

Transport foresight and policy analysis

To help shape the future of urban mobility, we have focused our interdisciplinary research efforts on building visions, scenarios, roadmaps and action plans that promote sustainable mobility and the related socio-technical change. 

When it comes to transport policy analysis, we focus on identifying policy instruments and recommendations as well as creating guidelines to support transport climate policies, active and smart mobility strategies, and sustainability transition in general.

Holistic approach on impact assessments

The results of our research can best be used to support decision making among transport authorities, cities, service providers and the automotive industry. 

The insights gained support transport authorities and cities specifically in defining strategies, regulations, policies and action plans as well as in making investment decisions. Service providers and the automotive industry benefit from our findings, for instance, when developing sustainable transport systems and services accepted by users. 

At VTT, our strengths lie in multi-perspective understanding of the transport systems. We examine issues from all possible points of views and cooperate with private and public entities and networks in Europe and worldwide. 

Get in touch with our transport and mobility assessment experts and start solving your mobility challenges today. 

Scientific publications related to transport mobility impact assessments and foresight

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