Process piloting and scale-up

Pilot plants and process scale-up speed up commercialisation of new products and processes, with no need for early investment in own pilot plants and other expensive R&D tools.

Key facts: process piloting and scale-up

Competence in piloting and scale-up

Time saving with ready-to-use facilities  

Cost savings by sharing the investment and operation costs 

Developing a new process concept or product necessitates running and iterating the process in real-life while keeping track of the techno-economical parameters. Our state-or-the-art piloting facilities and experts bridge the gap between laboratory-scale development stages and commercial production of new breakthrough technologies. This reduces uncertainty of new process concepts and enables crossing of the “valley of death” for commercialisation. 

Pilot plants and top professionals for the whole development chain 

VTT's versatile research infrastructure is a key asset in serving our customers. Supported by our modern laboratories, top-level characterisation and modelling tools, our R&D infrastructure provides unique value to piloting, all seamlessly integrated to the skilled industry professionals at VTT and within our extensive collaboration network.  

Our scale-up services are available for customers in all stages of the innovation process from universities to startups and large international companies. 

Scale-up and demonstrate the whole value chain  

VTT has pilot plants for many steps of industrial value chains from raw material sourcing and processing through smart industrial conversions to application testing and demonstration. We can service business ecosystems with our cross-technological capability in scale-up to demonstrate initial business potential in the value chain.  

Piloting enables crossing the “valley of death” for commercialisation
Jouni Lattu

Jouni Lattu

Customer Account Lead