VTT:n micronova tutkimusinfrastruktuuri ilmakuvassa.

Micronova is part of  Finland’s national research infrastructure for micro-, nano- and quantum technology - OtaNano. Micronova features the largest R&D cleanroom in the Nordic countries. The facility is run jointly by VTT and Aalto University. We develop innovative enabling technologies, and apply them to practical micro- and nanosystems.

Key facts

Micronova features two cleanrooms, with processing capabilities for silicon-based CMOS, MEMS and photonics devices, 3D integration and thin film components.

We offer cleanroom services and the entire development cycle of micro- and nanofabrication from fundamental research to small-scale production.

The facility is located at the Otaniemi Technology Campus in Espoo, Finland, it is jointly run by VTT and Aalto University. 

Micronova belongs to Otaniemi’s micro- and nanotechnology infrastructure OtaNano, which is a national research infrastructure focusing on competitive research in nanoscience and -technology as well as in quantum technologies. In Micronova, there are two cleanrooms, which together form  the largest R&D cleanroom in the Nordic countries. Micronova is a central hub for the Finnish electronics industry ecosystem. The cleanrooms have processing capabilities for silicon-based CMOS, MEMS and photonics devices, as well as 3D integration and thin film components. In Micronova cleanrooms, our researchers innovate and develop new sensors, detectors, photonics components, passive RF components, PMUTs and other MEMS devices, as well as state-of-the-art quantum devices.

In Micronova cleanrooms, researchers develop new innovations in fields including sensor technologies and  quantum devices.

Micronova’s processing and component development offering can be divided into six different technology platforms:

  • Active silicon devices

Radiation detectors and custom CMOS. Applications range from X-ray detectors to read-out circuits and quantum technologies. ASIC design environment and expertise.

  • Silicon photonics and integration

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with low loss, small polarization dependency and small footprint. Hybrid and monolithic integration for communication and sensing applications.


SOI MEMS and thin-film surface MEMS devices and Fabry-Perot Interferometers. Applications range from automotive and medical sensors to timing circuits.

  • Thin film RF components and integration

Thin-film piezo-electric micro-acoustic devices such as BAW filters, silicon waveguides for millimeter waves and THz, integrated passive devices (IPD)

  • Superconductive & tunnel junction devices

Multilayer devices for detectors, electronics and quantum devices. Applications range from medical sensors to quantum information.

  • 2D material based devices & integration

Graphene and other 2D materials based devices for biosensing, integrated photonics, radiation and THz detection, and novel computing and communication platforms. Wafer-scale integration services.

World-class infrastructure for research and development

Micronova is located at the Otaniemi Technology Campus in Espoo, Finland and is jointly run by VTT and Aalto University.  The building also comprises other laboratories mainly for characterization, system level demonstration, space qualification, such as ESA’s external laboratory on millimeter wave technologies - MilliLab, laboratories for a quantum and cryogenic characterization, optics and photonics characterization, as well as a sensor laboratory for everything that development of electronics requires. 

VTT's Micronova Cleanroom holds the ISO 9001:2008 certification for fabrication, small-volume production and facility maintenance.

In addition to Micronova, VTT also runs a cleanroom in the city of Oulu. In our cleanroom in Oulu, our researchers develop hybrid integration solutions for packaging including micromodules, printed intelligence and low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) solutions.

Our services

VTT offers research and development of new materials, technologies, devices, systems and processes. We also offer small volume production services for customers, as well as access to VTT’s cleanroom and process equipment. VTT is unique as it can offer its customers and partners the entire development cycle from fundamental research and process development to prototyping and small-scale production.

Our services are customized according to our customers' needs. We also provide education and training in micro- and nanotechnologies.

Services offered by Micronova:

  • Research and Development
  • Confidential Contract Research
  • Material and Device Characterisation
  • Education and Training
  • Cleanroom Services
  • Access to Cleanroom Facilities