VTT’s trend report 2024 features global megatrends and technologies disrupting industries


VTT trend report 2024 focuses on resilience. Resilience means not just reacting to disruptions but also anticipating and learning from them. It demands a proactive, adaptive mindset and a balanced approach considering technology, society and the environment.

The report offers a glimpse into the future, presenting insights on 5 major megatrends that are shaping our world today:

  1. Unstable times challenge global societies
  2. The new intelligence era
  3. The circular shift 
  4. Connectivity in the digital-physical world 
  5. Holistic health transformation 

“Throughout this report, we encourage you to reflect on the interplay between its themes, seeing how resilience acts as a guiding light in restless times, how global events frame our collective experiences, and how technology can be our ally in building a resilient society. We hope you will take a moment and think about what all this might mean”, says Laura Juvonen, VTT’s Senior Vice President, Strategy.

The selection of featured megatrends involved a comprehensive review of hundreds of diverse information sources, including the latest market data, patent records, scientific journals, news articles and reports, spanning the past few years. Through a thematic qualitative analysis of these sources, several key themes emerged. These themes were approached from the angle of resilience and then validated and refined through collaborative discussions and evaluations with GlobalData, Catapult International Oy and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Further information: Tanja Honkala, Krista Kovanen and Linnea Sinkkilä from VTT’s Business Intelligence team.

Sonja Martikainen
Sonja Martikainen
Head of Business Intelligence
Eveliina Jutila
Eveliina Jutila
Team Leader, Market and Patent Analysis
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