VTT’s sustainability goals 2023 emphasise ethics, energy, equity and sense of community


VTT has updated its sustainability programme and targets. In 2023, the importance of research ethics, improving energy efficiency and developing diversity, equity and inclusion will be emphasised in our work.

Sustainable solutions developed with customers and partners are at the core of VTT's sustainability. ‘It is equally important to ambitiously develop the sustainability of our own operations in accordance with our sustainability programme,’ says Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President, who is responsible for sustainability matters in VTT's executive leadership team. VTT's sustainability programme is based on the priorities selected based on a materiality analysis and stakeholder interviews:

  • sustainable foundation
  • thriving professionals
  • empowered customers
  • resilient society.

‘Our corporate sustainability work progressed pleasantly in 2022, so defining the goals for the current year on the basis of the work was smooth,’ says Tiina-Liisa Forsell, Vice President, Operational Excellence. She is in charge of the practical sustainability work at VTT. ‘It is nice to see how sustainability topics interest and progress across the organisation. People are really committed to them.’

Improving energy efficiency requires proper data and monitoring

The sustainable foundation of VTT's operations means, for example, an uncompromising ethical approach and responsibility for the environment. In fact, strengthening ethical skills and knowledge and acting responsibly has also become one of VTT-level objectives this year. We want all researchers and a sufficient number of other staff to review the basics of research ethics in an online course.

‘VTT's big goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030, and it requires numerous measures,’ says Jussi Manninen. ‘We invest in more accurate data collection on our own energy use. Based on the data, we take measures to save energy and increase energy efficiency. We also want to improve our travel guidelines with concrete policies and evaluate and prioritise procurements on a risk-based basis. We will specify what sustainability data we collect from supply chains,’ Manninen says.

This year, we will also examine the impact of VTT on biodiversity, describe our sustainability management model and, like many other organisations, continue to prepare for EU's corporate sustainability reporting renewal.

Diversity and inclusion are an asset in innovation work – and a prerequisite for a thriving workplace community

More than 2,000 thriving professionals are VTT's heart and soul, and we want to take special care of them. ‘Our goal is to strengthen the ability of line managers to support the wellbeing and work ability of their team members and to increase the understanding of all VTTers of the importance of everyday safety as well as diversity, equity and inclusion,’ says Tiina-Liisa Forsell. 

Commitment to the common corporate culture and hybrid work model are important objectives that increase sense of community. ‘The cornerstones of our culture are joy, courage and curiosity, and we want to foster them in everyday work,’ Jussi Manninen points out.

At VTT, all people are equal, and we have absolute zero tolerance for all discrimination. The guidelines for dealing with harassment and inappropriate treatment were revised last year, and now the teams are due to review them. ‘We will also introduce a new reporting channel for reporting harassment cases, so their processing will be smoother,’ Forsell says. The online course on safety and security for VTTers will be renewed, and the entire organisation will review it. The top management completes the occupational safety card training.

VTT succeeds when its customers and society succeed

Applied research is always conducted for the customer. At VTT, all research is carried out in projects. ‘We want to ensure customers' backgrounds and purposes even more carefully, so we will define a risk-based customer process by country and industry,’ Jussi Manninen says. ‘Operational activities must be steered towards the mindset of sustainable customer choices. It is an important part of the sustainability of our impact.’

In 2021, VTT started linking its projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Now, data has accumulated. ‘It is great to have evidence that our research choices genuinely impact SDGs,’ Manninen says. ‘The work continues with more detailed SDG impact assessments. Our goal is to also assess the positive environmental impact of our projects. The sustainability of both research and all other activities must be uncompromising and ambitious.’

Get to know VTT’s sustainability goals for 2023

TiinaLiisa Forsell
Tiina-Liisa Forsell
VP, Operational excellence
Jussi Manninen
Jussi Manninen
Executive Vice President