VTT participates in the preparation of the UN General Assembly's Dialogue on Energy for the Innovation, Technology and Data theme


Finland has been named as one of the Global Champions countries that will assist in the preparation for the high-level Dialogue on Energy, which is to be held in New York in September 2021, during the opening week of the UN General Assembly.

Finland will participate in the preparation of the Innovation, Technology and Data theme of the Dialogue on Energy. Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä will represent Finland and will spur on the international dialogue. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is part of the expert working group preparing the theme.

The main task of each Champions country is to lead international outreach work on its own theme, as well as to co-host ministerial-level forums with the other Champions countries with the same theme. 

“We already have a lot of technologies that we can use to achieve a carbon-neutral future in the next decade. It is important to bring solutions to the discussions in the international community to accelerate the commercialisation of these innovations and the development of new technologies. At VTT, we are considering both technological innovations and a systemic perspective on the energy revolution,” says Tuula Mäkinen, Vice President at VTT and a member of the management team of the EERA European Energy Research Alliance.

VTT has provided long-term research for the preparation of a low-carbon energy policy in Finland. 
“Reliable research based on data and statistics helps to develop energy systems. The theme's technical working group will also consider how to achieve an energy revolution in a fair way,” says Kati Koponen, Senior Scientist from VTT.

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Tuula Mäkinen
Tuula Mäkinen
Kati Koponen
Kati Koponen
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