Research collaboration between VTT and universities supports the deployment of new fighters

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The Finnish research field is helping to ensure that Finland has the best possible technological capabilities for the implementation of the HX Fighter Program and its maintenance throughout its life cycle. A new research consortium supporting industrial co-operation has been compiled for the long-term maintenance and development of the expertise in the HX fighter project and other technologies critical to security of supply.

In addition to VTT the research consortium includes key universities. Dozens of companies are also participating in the research projects including the selected supplier Lockheed Martin. 

VTT was founded in 1942 to develop defense technology and to support reconstruction. VTT has a statutory duty to be prepared for exceptional circumstances. VTT is a key player in research and development in defense and security-related technologies.

- When completely new technology is acquired, a lot of research and development work is required for its implementation. It is important to continuously maintain and develop Finland’s own expertise in security-critical technologies, because the pace of technological development is fast. This research consortium will also strengthen the development of skills in universities and increase the attractiveness of the field for students, says Sauli Eloranta, head of research area, VTT. 

VTT has assembled the research consortium on behalf of the Ministry of Defense in close cooperation with universitiesy and industrial cooperation business coordinators. The research focuses on security-critical technologies, which are described in the Government's decision-in-principle:
Securing the Finnish Defence Technological and Industrial Base

Sauli Eloranta
Sauli Eloranta
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