Markus Forsberg has started working as Research Professor at VTT’s Kuopio office

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Markus Forsberg, Docent, Professor of Pharmacology, has started working as Research Professor of KIPS' Data-driven solutions Research Area in Kuopio. Markus has an important role to play in strengthening the future direction of the Kuopio office: he will set up a new research team to develop healthcare solutions in the Kuopio office.

For the time being, Markus will be playing a part-time role at VTT, as he also continues in his post as the Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Eastern Finland. In his task as VTT Research Professor, Markus will set up a team in Kuopio that will begin to develop new data-driven solutions for preventing and treating illnesses and assessing the effectiveness of treatments.

-"It is a pleasure to start working as part of a research team in the Data-driven solutions Research Area. VTT has created a strong competence in the collection and analysis of health data, and it has developed several digital healthcare solutions. Stronger integration of this competence into the research on disease mechanisms, the development of new treatments and treatment chains offers excellent opportunities for understanding and treating illnesses in a more comprehensive manner and creating new solutions to support decision-making in healthcare and to curb costs," Markus says.

By appointing Markus, VTT wants to enhance the role of the Kuopio office and, in the future, steer its operations increasingly in the direction of Smart Health research. In recent years, the Kuopio office has been making increasing investments in the healthcare sector research and development, so, the additional investments by VTT will strengthen the effectiveness of this work.

- "We warmly welcome Markus to VTT. New digital healthcare solutions can enhance the use of data collected on patients and improve the treatment of major diseases, the effectiveness of treatments and cost-effectiveness. With him, Markus will bring to VTT his special competence on brain diseases and their new treatment methods as well as new networks," says Janne Järvinen, who leads the Data-driven solutions Research Area.

Markus Forsberg
Markus Forsberg
Research Professor