ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system certificate granted to VTT


At VTT, safety is part of everyday activities and forms a sustainable foundation for our responsible operation. We want to take care of both our employees and stakeholders. The ISO 45001 certificate granted to VTT in December 2021 serves as proof that we have successfully reached this goal.

At VTT, safety is the basic premise of everything we do. We are proactive in taking care of safety, assessing and managing risks and ensuring continuity. These measures are aimed at meeting the strategic objectives set for VTT without exposing the staff, business operations, other stakeholders or the environment to any uncontrolled risks. Our aim is to minimise negative impacts and maximise positive impacts.

“Our occupational safety objective is that our staff comes to work healthy and leaves work healthy, and that way we ensure that working at VTT is healthy and safe for all parties concerned,” explains Marika Kurkinen, Quality Manager. “To ensure physical safety, we accept nothing less than a high level of safety in all our operations and strive for zero tolerance for accidents,” she continues. Sari Hyvärinen, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, adds that VTT is also a member of the Zero Accident Forum: “We require an occupational safety card from all those working in the experimental work facilities. We collaborate continuously with our service providers and those operating in shared facilities, for example, in the field of managing occupational safety risks. Safety at work is our common concern.”

ISO 45001 certification is a proof of a comprehensive occupational safety system

The ISO 45001 certificate granted to VTT in December 2021 shows that we take occupational health and safety issues seriously and act responsibly by preventing accidents and illnesses among employees and by safeguarding well-being at work. 

The ISO 45001 certification took place through an auditing process performed in two phases. The first audit was completed in June 2021, and it concluded that VTT is ready for the certification. The second audit with a wider scope was performed at the end of November and it consisted of interviews in several localities and rounds made in experimental work facilities.

Marika Kurkinen
Marika Kurkinen
Senior Specialist